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  1. uncle rico

    found this egg in our field....any ideas as to what it is?

    I was out walking in our back 40 pasture when I came upon this egg lying in the middle of the path. I'm pretty sure it's a turkey egg, but not quite 100% positive. Here is a pic, with one of our eggs (brown one on the left) to compare. It seems a little heavier then a chicken egg, and it has...
  2. uncle rico

    Buff orpingtons

    I have BO hens and I love 'em! Started out with 25 but lost 11 or so to predators :/ the one thing I don't like about mine are that they constantly go broody........I think all of mine have been broody at one time or another :rolleyes: I don't have roosters and no plans to hatch, so it's...
  3. uncle rico

    What type of chickens do you have and how many?

    what I have currently: 25 Black Australorp hens 14 Buff Orpington hens chick order this spring: 12 Rhode Island Red hens 12 Barred Rock hens, 1 rooster 2 Buff Orpington roosters
  4. uncle rico

    Sears and Kmart closings

    KMart? :P I havn't been in one in years we do have a Sears but it's basically used as just another entrance into the mall. their craftsman line is ok but that's probably the only positive thing I can think of when it comes to Sears
  5. uncle rico

    found dead bird in what?

    I did use some hay as bedding in the nesting boxes a few weeks ago.....noticed some of it smelled a little funny but I figured it was OK. Maybe it was that? I threw that stuff out a few days ago, just to be sure. it was in a few of the boxes but there wasn't alot of it. I checked the...
  6. uncle rico

    What would you do? Craigslist ad please help out.

    provide a phone number with your next listing. as far as I know no junk callers use CL for phone numbers
  7. uncle rico

    Comment by 'uncle rico' in item 'Australorp'

    I have 25 BA hens that are all 1.5 years old......I have not gotten one single broody yet. I also have 20 BOs and at least 15 of them have gone broody at one time or another
  8. uncle rico

    found dead bird in what?

    a few days ago I went out to the coop to feed the birds and open up for the day. Found one of the hens slouched in a corner, mostly unresponsive. Couldn't stand up, and her eyes kept drooping shut. There was no evidence of a predator attack. I checked her vent, and it seemed OK. I saw no...
  9. uncle rico

    "Remember 1957?"

    currently President Obama makes about $400,000/yr, while the average NFL head coach earns about $2.5 M per year. So yeah, it's a pretty large gap. I may also add that the President gets a $175K/yr pension after he leaves office for the rest of his life.
  10. uncle rico

    Comment by 'uncle rico' in item 'Orpington'

    mine get along OK with the BAs, they don't fight but the top BOs do assert their authority
  11. uncle rico

    When should I get a rooster?

    I'm in the same situation here, I have had hens for 2 years and would like to add a rooster for entertainment and flock protection. Will probably order a roo with the next order of chicks coming this spring. They'll most likely be Barred Rocks. Anyone have good experiences with the Barred...
  12. uncle rico

    Comment by 'uncle rico' in item 'Orpington'

    yeah, my boss hen is a BO and she really tends to push around the shy ones. sometimes if the lower rung hens see one of the BOs coming, they will squat as if they are mating. some sort of dominance thing maybe? I have no roosters so that's not a factor at all.
  13. uncle rico

    some pics of the flock in winter

    I will post some interior pics. It's fully insulated inside, has a power system that runs off a battery charger for light in the wintertime, and a small feedroom with small doors to access the nesting boxes without having to step into the (poopy) chicken area. In fact, I will make an entry in...
  14. uncle rico

    Any football fans in the byc?

    they had a bum year, all those free agents and nothing to show for it. hope they do better next year, they look like an exciting team.
  15. uncle rico

    Lets see those broodies!

    heres some pics of my broodies from this summer....some of them can get nasty if you venture by their boxes
  16. uncle rico


    well, we have neighbors down the road that love chickens (they don't have any right now) and when we're gone for one of our annual weeklong vacations, we pay the family $50 a week to come and feed/water the hens. We also have them feed the dogs (saves about $200 in kennel fees), and keep the...
  17. uncle rico

    in this random rambling thread we post random pictures

    hey sign fails are awesome!!
  18. uncle rico

    Who is your candidate?

    well, Gingrich's personal life has been messy to say the least but I think that is behind him now....hopefully the GOP can rally behind Gingrich instead of splintering into little factions, the last thing we need is multiple candidates vying for votes (think Ross Perot). I would not be...
  19. uncle rico

    Excitement For the Morning. (PIX)

    my hens molting period was nowhere NEAR this bad.....thanks for sharing though
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