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    Chicks being introduced to the flock

    I thought I would put up a quick video of my hen Bug, introducing her chicks to the dominant hen, Molly. She would attack all the other chickens, as she is the 2nd in command girl. But, with Molly, she allowed her very close. This was shot last Sat. We have let the chicks be out with Bug...
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    Lots of Fairy Eggs, is this normal?

    I have 2 pullets who were born last July. One started laying at the end of January, and she started with large green eggs. But, the other only started laying anything and so far all we are getting is tiny eggs. Mind you these are both big girls. I have actually gotten 5 of these fairy...
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    Broody Hen with eggs question

    Ok, so I started 8 eggs under my broody on Tues. And, I have not seen that girl move since. She is stuck tight on the nest. Good, and I hope it lasts all the way through... but, here's my question. Should I take her off once a day so she will stretch and maybe eat and drink some water? I do...
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    8 month old wyndotte, could she be broody?

    I have an 8 month old wyndotte, who has been spending a lot of time on the nest. She will come out some during the day, i saw her taking a dust bath and scratching about, but then she goes back in the coop and sits on an empty nest. I bring her back out, she will eat a treat, the fluff up...
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    Egg Laying Question

    I have a hen who has been setting on her nest for 2 hours, it seems like it's taking a long time for her to lay the egg. At what point do I need to be concerned? Now? Or, give her some time? Thanks
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    Continuing to take care of my sick hen

    Ok, I posted last week on Thurs or Friday. My 6 month old Ameraucana was diagnosed by the vet with lice, she is now lice free. But, this hen is still lethargic, but I have upped my battle plan. I am now sharing what I'm doing, to just share and see if I get any other suggestions to help. I...
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    Newbie from New Mexico

    Hello all, I'm new to chickens, I have a RIR, Wyndotte, and an Ameraucana. Just the 3 so far, but I see a passion developing. I am appreciative off all the good info on this site. Lyssa
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    Getting Chicken to eat - Help

    I am new to chickens. I have a young hen that has not started laying yet. Last weekend she started acting odd, resting and not acting her normal self. On Tuesday morning I noticed that she didn't come out of the coop, so I took her out. I kept her separated from the other chickens, but she...
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