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  1. suzannaski

    Anyone in MA have an extra chick or two?

    Hi Thanks to Hurricane Sandy's power outage, only one of my hatching eggs hatched. My lonely chick is a week old and in desperate need of companions. Breed not important. I did make a post in the wanted ads too. Thanks for any help! Sue
  2. suzannaski

    Looking for 1-2 week old chicks in New England

    Hi Thanks to the hurricane and power outage, only one of my eggs hatched from the incubator. I need 2 companions for my lonely little Araucana. I'd prefer a green egger, but chick company is more important. Thanks, Sue
  3. suzannaski

    True Ameraucana Wheaten Cockerel

    A true Ameraucana Wheaten. I will post a pic tonight. Pickup only please. He's very people friendly & tame.
  4. suzannaski

    Bought a tiny, day-old "Ameraucana", but now it looks like this....

    So I was at a chicken meet, and wanted to buy Ameraucanas. I bought this one when it was a couple days old, and now, 8 weeks later, I think I was duped. Anyway, I'd like to properly ID this little chicken (sex and breed) so I can re-home him/her. My friend guessed its a modern game hen...
  5. suzannaski

    Anyone want to help a poor Araucana owner down on her luck?

    I'm so sad. I had one Araucana hen who was a year old, had gone broody, and last week she hatched her eggs. Last night, some small varmit got through the crack in the barn door, crawled under the gap in the tack room door, then pried open her cage and killer her and her chicks. My little nieces...
  6. suzannaski

    Day 24 = Day 20? scolding myself too. Feel free to chime in

    So, I have a homemade incubator. I tested it, refined it, then set some precious eggs. I set them on 6/9. Kept the humidity and temp per the egg sellers instructions. 6/30 (Day 21) has passed, no hatches, no rolling eggs, no noises. Okay, I killed them right? This morning (7/3) I figure I...
  7. suzannaski

    Cream Legbars and Araucanas?

    I'm curious if anyone has purchased any of Greenfire Farm's Cream Legbars? I'd love to know how much blue-er their eggs are to Araucanas. And for that matter, why is it so hard to find a breeder in the Northeast for Araucanas? I don't want to buy eggs to hatch, especially not from ebay. I've...
  8. suzannaski

    Eggs develop even in mild temp?

    I had a weird thing happen. My Ameraucana made a new nest, and she laid five eggs in it before I found the nest. She did not stay on the nest, and it was mild spring weather (40F at night, 60F-70F in day) so I brought the eggs inside because I figured they'd still be good to eat. I checked them...
  9. suzannaski

    7 day old limping chick- broken leg? Tendon? Caused by blocked vent?

    He's not using his right leg, but he can move it from the hip. It looks a touch different below the "hock" than the normal leg. He's alert, not lethargic, except for being exhausted trying to hop around the brooder. He eats if he can get his head in the feed, and I am giving him eyedroppers of...
  10. suzannaski

    7 day old chick, lost use of leg, swollen vent

    Hi I have a 7 say old Ameraucana, who can't use it's right leg. Yesterday, it was a barely noticeable limp and a little more pronounced this morning. By the time I got home again, the chick couldn't walk. He/she accumulated some poop on the vent in the past 24 hrs, so we washed that off to find...
  11. suzannaski

    Feather loss under beak- not the whole flock, varying degrees of loss

    Hello- Has anyone ever seen this type of feather loss under the beak? This hen, Elsinore, has it the worst, Babs has no feather loss (she's a year older, too), Stinky is the same age as Elsinore but no feather loss, and one of the roos has it a little bit, and the alpha hen, Kramer, has a little...
  12. suzannaski

    MA: Rooster either 1+ year old Barred Rock or a 5 mo old Ameraucana

    I have too many roosters. The Barred Rock is a very good protector, sometimes will body slam my knee, but otherwise not mean. The Ameraucana (the one in the photo) is very friendly, and is trying to start his own harem...Barred Rock doesn't like this. One of them has to go, and since they are...
  13. suzannaski

    Poop looks like pancake mix

    Hi I'm hoping there is a quick answer for this. I looked up everything I could about poop in BYC and the internet, but nothing described poop like what I'm seeing. A day or two ago, I noticed what I thought was a drop of spray foam insulation in the run, then I realized it was a poop. The next...
  14. suzannaski

    Bloated crop & bloody poop- coccidiosis?

    Hi I've already lost one chick. They are about 2-3 weeks old. They started getting bloody stools, and I asked my grain guy about it, and he said I needed medicated feed. I thought I already had it, but apparently he made an executive decision and gave me unmedicated. Whatever, I'm not going to...
  15. suzannaski

    Can someone please explain my chicken soap opera?

    I'll be brief (I'm supposed to be in a meeting right now!!) Last night my newest hen died for no readily apparent reason. She wasn't ac30ting different, and she wasn't crop bound, and she had no external injuries. It's like she just died in her sleep in the nest box. She wasn't even old enough...
  16. suzannaski

    Opinions on Hodges Farm Hatchery?

    Hi I like their website and I was thinking of getting Ameraucanas from them but they are pricey and they require a min order of 12 chicks. Are they worth the price? Also, does anyone else in MA want to split an order with me? I don't need 12 more hens. Thanks
  17. suzannaski

    Two dead hens and I can't get over it- advice?

    Hi I think I'm in the right section, this didn't seem like a social topic. Feel free to suggest a better section. Here's my problem- I had four chickens, now three. This is only my second year raising chickens. They were free ranging until Saturday, when the leader chicken disappeared sometime...
  18. suzannaski

    Missing a hen tonight/what's the scoop on secret nests?

    Hi At 6pm, the hens were chillaxin' in the dust in the barn. At 7 pm, they were wandering around (sunset is at 8:30 pm) and one of the hens was AWOL, but nothing to worry about because she does that once a day....except she didn't come back at dusk. I've noticed a drop in egg production (I only...
  19. suzannaski

    Why do my hens have three nest areas? (2 are not approved)

    Hi My Ameraucanas have a new coop, and I used the same nesting boxes from the old coop so it'd be familiar. Sure enough, they laid eggs in the boxes. Except that they have lately made two additional nests in my horses' hay bale storage, one in a corner on the floor, and one on top of the bales...
  20. suzannaski

    Help!!!! i'm holdin a wild turkey egg to keep it warm what do i do?

    i'm typing 1 handed here- was haying, hit a turkey nest, only 1 egg survived, mum went through hayer. neighbor has broody hen, the closest we've got to an incubator. will it work?
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