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  1. carolsmith7878

    Name that game... Old English? Mixed Breed? Help!!! (pic heavy)

    Hello! The first three are hens, and are approximately 6-7 months old. They are the size of doves, and were hatched from eggs that I got from my neighbor. She doesn't know what the parents are either. They're super sweet, friendly, social, love to be held. I'd like to know what they are so...
  2. carolsmith7878

    Lump on nostril? What is this thing? (pics)

    Okay, so I noticed that my Barred Rock (my favorite chicken, she thinks she's a dog) has this thing on her nostril. She is 4 months old. I first noticed it about 2 weeks ago. It has gotten bigger, and I'm starting to worry. There are no other symptoms with it. She eats fine, is active...
  3. carolsmith7878

    Help Sex Snowball the silkie (3 months old)

    HI! Okay, We have three, 3 month old, silkies: Sideswipe (who is already crowing), Tiny Tina (who is much smaller and has almost no comb), and snowball (who we are not sure of the sex). I am guessing that snowball is probably male considering his large comb, but am wanting some other...
  4. carolsmith7878

    Wanted to buy: Welsummer chicks

    Hi! I had a bad hatch from some shipped eggs. I ended up with two buff orpington chicks, and none of my welsummers hatched and lived. I was looking for some chicks a week old or less. My eight year-old son and I have a backyard flock. These chickens would be pets, and would be free-ranged in...
  5. carolsmith7878

    Weird midget Silkie? What coloration is it?

    Hi! This is my son's silkie Tiny Tim (though it may be a she ). What would you call the coloration on him/her? It is just under 3 months old. It started looking like our other blue/white splashes, but turned reddish over time. Also... It is only a 1/3 the size of all the other silkies...
  6. carolsmith7878

    Cannibal chick! What to do!!!!

    Hello, I need some advice. I ordered 15 chicks from Ideal that arrived last friday. One arrived dead and many were severely dehydrated. I noticed that there had been very little gro gel, a spot less than the size of a dime, and it was completely gone. I had to give fluids by syringe to many...
  7. carolsmith7878

    French Black Copper Marans (3 weeks), M or F?

    Hi, I know they aren't very old. Any guesses? Are these pics not good enough, too soon? I will post more as they get older. FBCM #1 FBCM #2 (just rolled around in the pine chips) FBCM #3 FBCM #4 FBCM #5 FBCM #6 FBCM #7 Thanks!
  8. carolsmith7878

    RIR chicks, 3 weeks-M or F? (pic heavy)

    Hi, are these male or female? The last one (#5) is a supposedly a RIR/Barred Rock mix. RIR#1 RIR #2 RIR #3 RIR #4 RIR #5 Any guesses greatly appreciated. I will update photos in a week or two. Thanks!
  9. carolsmith7878

    Easter Eggers? Male or Female? 4 weeks (pic heavy)

    Hi! I hatched these guys out of a batch of mixed eggs/breeds. Are these Easter eggers? Can you tell gender? EE #1-I'm thinking pullet? EE #2-Possibly also a pullet? EE #3-Maybe a Roo? They were from hatching eggs from ebay, from one of the suppliers of chicks to Welp...
  10. carolsmith7878

    Ideal Poultry website offline?

    Hello, I ordered some birds from Ideal Poultry to be shipped this next week, and I just went to go and re-read their policy on shipping. I believe that they ship on Monday, but this Monday is a holiday. Their website appears to be offline. Does anybody have any information on how they ship...
  11. carolsmith7878

    Found in neighbor's yard (now 3 weeks old)

    Okay... so I found this chickie in the neighbor's yard when it was a day old. Mama hen had apparently had 10 of them earlier (# reported by neighbor), but the rest had gotten eaten by neighborhood cats. Being the softie that I am, I took it in. It is now 3 weeks old and I have no idea what it...
  12. carolsmith7878

    Gold Laced Cochin (2 months old) Hen/Roo?

    Hello, Is it too soon to be able to tell the sex on this guy/girl. We named it Studmuffin... should we have just named it Muffin? Thanks!
  13. carolsmith7878

    Australorp or Jersey Giant? Male/Female? 6 weeks old

    Hi! Any input appreciated. I purchased a Jersey Giant and an Australorp from a hatchery. I can't tell them apart. Will post more pics of the other "twin" when I get time. Thanks!
  14. carolsmith7878

    Speckled Sussex? Possibly mixed with? Female? 6 weeks old

    Hello, I hatched this chickie with the idea it was a speckled sussex, but as it grows older... it looks less to me like a speckled sussex. The color is very gray, compared to most pictures that I have seen. It is just over six weeks. I believe that it may be female, but am not sure. Is it...
  15. carolsmith7878

    WTB: 12 Standard White Cochin Hatching Eggs

    My son has his heart set on this breed, he loves how they look like giant friendly powder puffs.
  16. carolsmith7878

    Thank Goodness for BYC! Newbie from Lakeland, FL

    Hi, I am so new to this that we don't even have our chicks yet! I'm very glad that I have found your website via google search. I would be lost without the valuable information that all of you have so kindly shared. My son (8 years old) is an animal lover and fell in love with the idea of...
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