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  1. chickengoose14

    rabbit breed questions

    im thinking there english spots am i right baby cottentail rabbit also you can post pics of your rabbits if you want
  2. chickengoose14

    feather growth problem

    all my bantams are the same age but one of thems feathers are coming in alot slower than the rest.
  3. chickengoose14

    egg problem

    i put some eggs in the incubator when i did this i put them big end down and there developing in side should i flip them small end down now or is to late also the eggs are nine days old now.
  4. chickengoose14

    broody duck questions

    i have 2 questons do hatchery mallards go broody and do rouen ducks go broody ?
  5. chickengoose14

    feather legged duck

    i have a rouen duckling with some baby feathers growing on its legs will they go away or turn in to adult feathers when it grows up.
  6. chickengoose14

    what kind of bantams are these

    we got these at the feed store
  7. chickengoose14

    buying muscovies

    im thinking about buying some muscovies from a friend how long would i need to keep them in a pen so theyd get use to the place and once there acting normal could i let them on our pond or would they fly away.
  8. chickengoose14

    free range muscovys

    is it possible for muscovy ducks to fly away.
  9. chickengoose14

    angel wing

    i have a gander ho had angel wing and i fixed it but the feathers still look weird and out of place could the angel wing come back some how.
  10. chickengoose14

    broody bantams

    is there a sertain breed of old english game bantam that goes broody more often.
  11. chickengoose14

    feed store

    when do feed stores start selling baby chicks
  12. chickengoose14

    rabbits in a pen

    would rabbits in a pen try to dig tunnels
  13. chickengoose14

    its a cat or a skunk

    which do you think
  14. chickengoose14

    guinea fowl

    are guinea fowl good mothers
  15. chickengoose14

    indiana bamboo

    is there eny kind of bamboo that grows in indiana
  16. chickengoose14

    bantam feet

    both of my bantams feet are swollen what do i do
  17. chickengoose14

    wood duck nesting box

    could hay or straw be put in a wood duck nesting box
  18. chickengoose14

    geese adopting duckling

    would a pair of embden geese adopt ducklings
  19. chickengoose14

    are there snow geese in southern indiana

    me my papow and my uncle were rabbit hunting with our beagles and few fields over i noticed a huge flock of what looked like snow geese landing in another corn field i didnt get to see them land because there was a little pach of woods inbetween us and them.
  20. chickengoose14

    icelandic sheep

    I have two nice icelandic rams that are 7 to 8 months old very friendly if intrested call 812-834-5787
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