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  1. Bizzybirdy

    First flock for us, sick! should we return them?

    Close up the bottom of your coop. Drafts can cause upper respiratory problems.. and try to replace the chicken wire with welded wire as soon as possible. That is useless against predators and will facilitate a mass murderer.
  2. Bizzybirdy

    My Sussex chicken breathes weird. Cloudy white liquid coming out from her mouth.

    Tylan 50 inj...available at TSC or your local feed store, .75 cc in breast muscle once a day. Looks like an upper respiratory problems. Hope she gets better...
  3. Bizzybirdy

    Fishers cat

    Fishers are not protected here in middle TN. We have sat out at different times every night for a week and not seen anything...but it has returned to eat the heads off of the Orps that it missed during the first kill. Now all the bodies are gone but am worried sick. Bought 1/2 x 1/2 welded wire...
  4. Bizzybirdy

    [email protected]#*^%#$ Foxes

    We got rid of them by shooting them. Couldn't trap them...they were smarter than me about that. Now am trying to get rid of a Fishers Cat (weasel)...far worse than the foxes. It has devastated my chickens in just 5 days, an awful Vampire like predator. .
  5. Bizzybirdy

    Lost our hen sorry. Sounds like the fox maybe grabbed her. Extra sad when we lose a sweet pet.
  6. Bizzybirdy

    Fishers cat

    Thanks...I brought all the rest of my purebred hens inside my garage room off the house, 35 more than was already in there. I cannot stand another loss like we have been getting all week! We sat out for 3 hours and nothing, but I will go back out around 3am until dawn, as I think it has come...
  7. Bizzybirdy

    Her head was pulled right off!

    Could be a weasel. I am dealing with a Fishers Cat, a ferocious weasel and it decapitates and doesn't touch any other body parts of a chicken. It also is not interested in a dead chicken in a trap as all it wants is the blood and the head of live ones! A raccoon would come back for the...
  8. Bizzybirdy

    What killed the chickens?

    Probably weasel...I am just north of Nashville on the Ky line and dealing with a Fishers Cat, a nasty weasel that is killing my chickens the same way. It doesn't touch the bodies, just takes heads. Truly a disgusting animal and very vicious. Hope you get whatever is killing yours. Hope I...
  9. Bizzybirdy

    Predators that decapitate chickens

    I am having this problem...went to open one of my chicken houses and found 8 purebred hens dead! ALL with their heads off of their necks bitten, nothing else touched. We sat out that night and saw a Fishers Cat (weasel) sneaking back to that house and shot at it but missed. Apparenty they dring...
  10. Bizzybirdy

    Fishers cat

    A Fishers cat so far has massacred 12 of my purebred hens and 5 mixed breed hens, including one roo in three different houses this week. We have sat out for 5 nights now and it has so much nerve as to kill in one house while we are watching another...I have 5 large, fortified hen houses. I don't...
  11. Bizzybirdy

    2015 hatchery chick order thread!!!

    I just ordered from Cackle [first order] and Welp [got chicks from them several years ago]. I have gotten lovely birds several times from McMurray but they didn't have what I wanted this time. Cuckoo and Black Marans and Welsomers from Cackle and Russian Orloffs from Welp... all set to ship in...
  12. Bizzybirdy

    Something killed all 4 of our chickens. :(

    Sounds more like a dog...a fox usually carries one off to eat or bring back to the den. A dog kills one after another and leaves them, like playing with toys. So sorry for your loss.
  13. Bizzybirdy

    PLEASE HELP! crop leaking after impaction surgery! UPDATE/photo

    UPDATE: a week and 5 days from first surgery and my young Ameraucana hen is doing well...still weak and thin and not out of the woods yet but getting stronger each day. She especially loves being outdoors for an hour each day and that has helped her attitude immensely. I had to reglue...
  14. March 20, 2012

    March 20, 2012

  15. 5 month old Ameraucana hen after crop surgery

    5 month old Ameraucana hen after crop surgery

  16. Ameracauna hen

    Ameracauna hen

    Above after crop surgery for impaction
  17. Bizzybirdy

    RIR difficulty with pooping, possible crop blockage, advice needed! surprised at the Mareks diagnosis. However it says "likely the cause". I watched the video and didn't see any obvious signs of Mareks in your hen. Was thinking more like coccidia(sp). So sorry for your loss.
  18. Bizzybirdy

    PLEASE HELP! crop leaking after impaction surgery! UPDATE/photo

    OK...I cleaned her up last night and dried the area with a hair dryer and reapplied the super glue. I did not sew up the skin yet in case it does not hold again. I will use cotton thread to sew the skin tomorrow if all goes well. She sat up the whole time, watching at first and then dozing off...
  19. Bizzybirdy

    PLEASE HELP! crop leaking after impaction surgery! UPDATE/photo

    Thanks for the URL to order but I don't have time for that in this case. I really need to find something to use sooner...she can't sit around with food leaking out of her crop for days. Anyone have this problem??? and what did you do/use for stitching? This is a young Araucana, I hate to lose her.
  20. Bizzybirdy

    PLEASE HELP! crop leaking after impaction surgery! UPDATE/photo

    Quote: What is a "duties kit" and where is Premier 1? I don't have time to order anything online. Is there something else that would be safe that I can use to sew her up?
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