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  1. bel

    Stubborn broody serama, how many chicks?

    My broody serama won't give it up, we don't even have a rooster, and now shes sitting on a superball since I took the eggs from her. The feedstore sells chicks, but only the LF are sexed, shes not a tiny tiny serama, do you think she could handle 2 or 3 LF day olds?
  2. bel

    Seramas Frizzy and Pepper

    Frizzy and Pepper [/IMG] ] Before the moult: Pepper lost her black tail now its white. Alvin the EE is in the middle.
  3. bel

    Lumps on NN necks? (it's not their crop)

    The NN chicks I noticed some hard bumps under the skin on its neck (mostly the back of the neck), not painful just there, they are at my moms and my sister just called to say other nacked necks from the hatch also have the neck lumps but acting normal and no other symptoms, she can touch the...
  4. bel

    Runt question, also pics Cotton patch goslings vs cabbage

    I have 1 very tiny gosling who when they arrived at a week old I thought she was a day old, shes half the size of the others, do you think she will catch up? can a runt grow up to be a healthy goose? Its hard to see how small she really is in the pics but in person shes very small and light but...
  5. bel

    Tons of pics of fuzzy chicks

    I bought 2 dozen eggs from Dipsy Doodle Doo and the best hatch rate on chicks we have had this year. There are LF frizzled naked necks from aqua colored eggs (great color on these) and some LF BBS ameraucanas who are super cute, and some tiny but very energetic seramas. I have the...
  6. bel

    Purple cabbage?

    Its was nice out so I let the 7 cotton patch goslings loose in the vegetable garden (which is fenced off from the chickens and ducks) they found the few clumps of grass then they discovered the purple cabbage and really like it. Is that healthy for geese? can they help themselves to it safely...
  7. bel

    broody x 4 one is a duck.

    My sister is watching the birds at my parents ranch and discovered 1 muscovy and 3 hens gone broody inside a large cat carrier. (how they fit is a mystery but they are all in there) these are stubborn nasty broodies who are not letting her touch them. I am not at the ranch, its like 4+ hours...
  8. bel

    Quail fart egg

    The males are crowing again, and the girls are laying again. Got my first fart egg, of all birds from the coturnix, not much bigger than a marble. Also got one with no spots. The fart egg might have been from the older girl we got off CL, she laid a thin shelled egg last week, its her...
  9. bel

    Welsh Harlequin started quad 3 ducks 1 drake P/U near Sunol CA $40

    Ignore price, asking $40 This lovely quad of metzer Welsh harlequins should start laying soon. They hatched 11/29/10. There are 3 girls, and 1 drake, would make a great little backyard layer flock. The drake has a gorgeous metallic green head with some irridescant blue sheen, their wingbars...
  10. bel

    One of these things is not like the other (some ducky pics)

    My friend gave me this swan it sits in the yard and the ducks have claimed under the butterfly bush as their spot. If its quiet they are usually sleeping there. Not the only ones who like it. Its funny how the drakes like to crowd in one spot together while the girls spread out.
  11. bel

    cute goose story in the news I saw this cute goose video about an old man and a goose, thought you guys might like it.
  12. bel

    New in package Crocs Jibbitz

    Have some extra packs of genuine jibbitz, asking $3.75 each set of 2 except the single. Working on the new incubator fund. s/h is $2.00 for 1 or $2.75 for 2+. Free shipping if you buy 4 packs or more. Butterflys $3.75 Peace dove and Love heart $3.75 Love heart (opened package, 1 only took...
  13. bel

    Don't eat donuts in front of chickens

    I was thinking it might be nice to maybe eat outside and watch the chickens and ducks who are freeranging. I was eating a donut, next thing I know both speckled sussex hens are standing at my feet looking at the donut, looking at the ground then back at the donut, hoping I will throw them some...
  14. bel

    Classroom babies

    I set up a hatch at the school (the babies will come home later but right now they are staying in the classroom.) They hatched wed and tues of last week. Its a great experience for the kids, the birds are not handled by the kids but they still love to watch them. The eggs were from...
  15. bel

    Welsh Harlequin ducks Pair Trio or Quad Near Sunol CA

    I have 4 welsh harlequins available, all from Metzer 1 drake and 3 girls. They hatched 11/29 and fully feathered. Asking $12.50 each. Minimum is 2 to reduce stress for them. They are shy but will chat with you. They go outside during the day/ sleep inside at night, they are ready to start...
  16. bel

    Dumb cluck keeps cracking her eggs, ideas?

    Kazooie, a speckled sussex is our only hen laying and she is breaking just about every egg. What is happening is she kicks / scratches every bit of bedding out of the nest box and when the eggs hit the hard wood floor they crack. The shells are thick, its alwary a spiderweb shaped crack at the...
  17. bel

    Think geek has the digital cooler warmer fridge on sale.

    I was at the think geek website today, and the digital cooler warmer fridge on sale for $89.99. There is a coupon code through Friday "TELLTALE" that will take $10 off your purchase of $50 or more. Some use them to incubate eggs, I use mine for letting shipped eggs rest when ambient temps are...
  18. bel

    Does this photo make my butt look big?

    Some days camera angles are not your friend: Brunswick says Hi! or maybe come closer and I will bite you, but we still love her.
  19. bel

    6 week old Welsh Harlequins Near Sunol CA Pic added

    I have 4 welsh harlequins available, all from Metzer 1 drake and 3 girls. They hatched 11/29 so are bit over 6 weeks and getting big. Asking $12.50 each. Minimum is 2 to reduce stress for them. They are shy but will chat with you and can be bribed with clovers. They go outside during the day...
  20. bel

    4 x 5week old male coturnix East bay area near Sunol

    I have 4 male coturnix, $3 each or free if to be pets or breeders. I have a dark range, couple manchurians and a jumbo. Hatched from eggs out of pens where the breeder keeps colors seperately. located near the Sunol border,
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