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  1. rita2paul


    pekins now 5 weeks old. i think one of each.
  2. rita2paul


    i have 4 week old pekins, can anyone tell me their gender please.
  3. rita2paul


    just got two pekins, my little girl sat on eggs off ebay and they were duds, so i managed to get two little pekins that were 2 days old and she has happily exceped them. now not had pekins before, can you tell at an early age if these will be boys or girls. or do i have to wait until they crow.
  4. rita2paul

    lavender araucana

    hello i have a lavender araucan cockerel free. these are a sweet gentle bird, they will also pass on there blue egg gene.
  5. rita2paul


    hello, i have 6 eggs from ebay that my silver laced wyandotte is sitting on at the moment. never had large breed before or orpington bird. i have heard they are a gentle breed that is why i thought of going with them. what i don't know is do they scratch up the garden badly, as they are a heavy...
  6. rita2paul

    lavender araucana gender

    ok i am now thinking two boys, they are now 8 weeks.
  7. rita2paul

    now i am not sure

    lavender araucana nearly 8 weeks old, not sure what i have now, 1 is defo cockerel not sure on the other.
  8. rita2paul

    7 weeks lavender araucana

    my gut feeling is hen and cockerel. what does everyone think.
  9. rita2paul

    5 weeks

    ok these two are 5 weeks now, mum does not have anything to do with them now. hens or cockerel
  10. rita2paul

    lavender araucana

    they are just over 4 weeks, can anyone tell if these two are hen or cockerel please.
  11. rita2paul

    is it to early

    lavender araucana 3 weeks old, lots of chest bumping which is worrying me. i am hoping for one of each.
  12. rita2paul

    lavender araucana

    my silver laced wyandotte has hatched two lavender araucana chicks, they are 3 weeks old now, they seem to be doing a lot of chest bumping i hope this is not a sign of them being two cockerel. when they first hatched i thought hen and cockerel because the one had a a tuft on his head like before...
  13. rita2paul

    lavender araucana chicks

    my silver laced wyandotte has been sitting on the lavender araucana eggs, i only put 3 under her and two has hatched. so pretty.
  14. rita2paul

    male or female

    this is my lavender araucana x warren, i sold the other one which was a hen, do you think that this is also a hen. finger crossed, she is really pretty.
  15. rita2paul

    what does a green/blue shine mean

    can anyone tell me if you have a black chicken with a blue/green shine on feathers in the sunlight does that mean it is a cockerel, or can hens have the same.
  16. rita2paul

    black comb

    if the chicken has a black comb how do you tell if it's a hen or cockerel.
  17. rita2paul

    still unsure what gender this one is

    mum is a warren and dad lavender araucana, the warren hen has large wattles could she pass this down to this bird, or is this a cockerel, it’s 14 weeks old. this is mum and dad. this is the baby now 14weeks
  18. rita2paul

    what colour eggs will she lay

    my little lavender araucana x with a warren has become a very pretty bird, she is black with a speckled brown bib with green tint plumage coming. what colour eggs do you think she will lay, as my araucana lay blue eggs.
  19. rita2paul

    second brood out with the flock.

    the first lot of baby chicks are settled. now the second brood are out with the flock, so far so good. i have another mum on one little chick that hatched this morning. really don’t need any more chicks. i will have to stop them sitting next year.
  20. rita2paul

    boy or girl

    the dad is a lavender araucana and the mums are warrens. they have hatched some really sweet birds the black one has the tufts on the side of the face growing. i think the white one is a boy and the black one a girl, not sure really.
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