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  1. Iamgrateful

    Need advise! Polish Frizzle Can't Climb Ramp to Coop!

    Need some advise. We have a 1 year old Polish Frizzle Hen who cannot go up the ramp into the coop. The coop is elevated about 1.5 - 2 feet off the ground and has a ramp about 8 inches wide with treads every 4 inches or so. We have tried putting her on the ramp halfway up, etc. but nothing...
  2. Iamgrateful

    Hen with Bald patches on Breast and Neck for the Past 8 months - need advise!

    I have an Isa Brown hen (2 years old) who has had a bald patch (no feathers) on her breast and neck for the past 8 months or so. I thought it was a molt, but its been too long now. The skin is bright red where the bald patch is. She is not laying many eggs, and I believe that most of the eggs...
  3. Iamgrateful

    Help with Sex of Adorable Polish Frizzle

    Can anyone tell me if this cute little Polish Frizzle is a pullet or cockeral? It is almost a year old and has not yet laid an egg. Thanks!!!
  4. Iamgrateful

    URGENT - Please help! Duck has prolapsed vent

    Our female duck has a prolapsed vent that appears to have an egg hanging inside of it. Its very gooey and infected looking. Is there anything that can be done or should it be put down?
  5. Iamgrateful

    Not laying eggs, tail missing, and blood...

    Ok so, my flock of 6 chickens has been doing great. Since the weather has turned cold here in Michigan, some of the chickens have stopped laying eggs (which I hear is normal). This morning when I went to feed and water them, I noticed that one of the hens has some blood near her rear-end...
  6. Iamgrateful

    Chicken Lovers from Genesee County, Michigan!

    Anyone want to start a little group for Genesee County, Michigan? Thought it would be nice to trade information from people within the area. Would love to talk to nearby folks :)
  7. Iamgrateful

    Pekin Egg Color Question - Can they lay blue/green eggs?

    My Pekin duck female just laid her first egg and it is a light blue/green color. I thought Pekin eggs were white? Is a blue/green color normal?
  8. Iamgrateful

    Apple Cider Vinegar good for Chickens?

    I have read that adding Apple Cider Vinegar to the chickens water twice a week is very good for their overall health. Has anyone else heard this or tried it and seen that it helps their health?
  9. Iamgrateful

    Pekin Duck has runny, wet, foamy eyes....sinus infection?

    One of my female Pekin ducks (approx. 4 months old) has had runny/wet looking eyes for the past 3 to 4 weeks. She also frequently has foamy bubbles in her eyes. Is this a sinus or respiratory infection? I have been giving her Duramycin-10 (1 tsp per gallon) in her water for about 7 days and...
  10. Iamgrateful

    Best food for 4 month old ducks?

    What would be a better option for my 4 month old Pekins? Purina Flock Raiser or "Duck Pellets" (sold at the feed store).
  11. Iamgrateful

    Pekin duck has foam in her eye and always looks wet/stained around eye - what medicine would help?

    Help! Need some advise on what medicine to give my Pekin duck. For the past week or two she has had foam coming out of her eyes and also the area right around her eye always looks wet/stained. Her breathing also sounds whistely and she isn't eating as much as usual. What would be the best...
  12. Iamgrateful

    How do you get the custom text to show up at the bottom of your posts?

    I keep seeing that many people have custom text at the bottom of their do you set that up at?
  13. Iamgrateful

    Any idea what breeds my girls are?

    Does anyone have any idea what breeds my new girls might be (2 white/black and 2 buff/gray)? They all lay a tan colored egg. The white one with yellow legs also has green earlobes. The rest have red earlobes. I know they are mixed and wonder what breeds...
  14. Iamgrateful

    Polish Frizzle - Pullet or Cockeral?

    This is my 5 week old Polish Frizzle chick - anyone have any inclination as to whether it may be a pullet or cockeral? :)
  15. Iamgrateful

    Is this what they mean by a "favorite nest box"? :)

    These pictures makes me laugh...for 4 chickens we installed two identical nest boxes. Is this what they mean by "favorite nest box"? They need to get their schedules figured out! :)
  16. Iamgrateful

    Water in Duck Coop

    Ok so I am trying to prevent water from soaking the entire duck coop where the ducks will sleep at night time. Does anyone have a good container or method to help keep the water from going everywhere and soaking the duck coop? :)
  17. Iamgrateful

    Pekin Free-Ranging Question

    So our two Pekin ducklings are over a month old now and we are currently building them a nice secure pen out back behind our house near the pond. We had planned on letting them free-range the field and pond during the day and then lock them up at night. I have seen large den holes next to the...
  18. Iamgrateful

    Baby duck cannot walk

    Not having a good morning. Got up this morning to find that one of our 3 week old Pekin ducklings cannot walk. It lays on the group with its head kind of whobbling and when it tries to stand up, it just falls over onto its back. I am so upset and have no idea what to do to help it. Can...
  19. Iamgrateful

    Urgent! 3 Week old Duck suddenly cannot walk!

    Please help! We have two 3 week old Pekin ducklings. This morning I went to check on them and one of them cannot stand up and keeps falling over onto its back when it tries to walk. Please help!!!!!! I have no idea what to do as there are no vets that will care for ducks in my area. I am so...
  20. Iamgrateful

    New to Ducks and Need Advice!

    My husband just bought two Pekin ducklings that he plans to have live out at our pond (approx. 50 x 150'). Right next to the pond is an old sheet metal barn tat we thought would be good housing for them. I don't want predators to get them and was thinking about adding some tall fencing from...
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