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  1. Crazy4mypeeps

    Am I too late to change things with her setup

    I've got a first time broody hen, and I'm a first time hatcher with a broody hen. I feel as if I really messed up somehow. The chicks are due to hatch Friday, and here it is Wed. Well, She's pretty much soiled the whole corner of the box that I put in there for her to sit on the eggs, and...
  2. Crazy4mypeeps

    Ha ha ha your outta here

    Caught the little booger two days after seeing him trying to get into the run. Evil beady little eyes!
  3. Crazy4mypeeps

    Would this work for roosts?

    I read somewhere on here that someone was going to used pvc for their roosts with non slip on the top. This got me to thinking a bit, how to create a non slip surface without "sticking" something to it. My though is to use either the under coat for vehicles that sprays on or bed liner spray...
  4. Crazy4mypeeps

    Thought I'd share this....

    I just found this, while looking for a solar fan for the vents in the eves in the coop. Of course it won't work for the bigger coops, but the smaller coops and tractors it would.
  5. Crazy4mypeeps

    I hate the metal waterers

    Ours is just a rust bucket, I have rinsed and rinsed, and still there is rust in the water when I change it out. I'm ditching this thing as soon as I can. Anyone else hate them? I plan on making the PVC Waterers for the coop in the fall.
  6. Crazy4mypeeps

    Pest, but not of any conventional kind.....

    Ok, we live on a lake, and we have a pyro-technics guy that lives here too. Well, you can guess, he's testing new boomers, and scaring the crap outta my girls. I feel so bad for them. Honestly, I thought that they were going to drop dead of heart attacks yesterday, after the heat and then him...
  7. Crazy4mypeeps

    Ameracaunas when do they lay? Special circumstances though.

    Ok, I can't seem to find an answer to this, so I'm hoping that someone can chime in here. I have three Ameracaunas, two of which got frost bit toes at the ladys house that we bought them from. I think that they are a little stunted from the "normal" one. As they all hatched at the same time...
  8. Crazy4mypeeps

    Sumo Chickens? LOL

    My three little Ameraucanas do this "look at each other across the yard" Then they run at each other flapping their wings, and then when they get to each other, they "bump" their breasts together, like sumo wrestlers. It is so funny to watch. I'm hoping that I can catch it on video. Anyone...
  9. Crazy4mypeeps

    Wyandotte or Barred Rock?

    She is a bantam, very small, but lays nice white eggs. Just wondering if she's a barred Wyandotte or a Barred Rock? She seems to be getting picked on in the coop a bit, so her feathers are a bit shy in this picture. She's very skiddish. I was given her for free, because the lady didn't want...
  10. Crazy4mypeeps

    Coop height question

    Ok, so I bought (kinda feel as if I cheated here, LOL) a St Bernard Dog house for our coop. This thing is huge, its about 6'3" at the peak, but I want to raise it up a bit, so that they will have the shelter from the heat in the summer. What is a good height? Hubby and I were thinking 12...
  11. Crazy4mypeeps

    Mornin all, new here and fairly new to chickens

    We live in the midwest on a small lake, and "inherited" layers from some freinds that were moving, and one turkey. We have 4 that I'm not sure if they are RIR's or what, very nice layers, one white leghorn, she's a cheeky thing, very curious. LOL Then, we decided that we had enough space to...
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