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  1. CrystaBub

    Happy 10th BYC Anniversary Miss Lydia!!

    Today marks 10 years since @Miss Lydia joined BYC! Let’s celebrate by telling Miss Lydia stories! :D Miss Lydia you have provided me with advice, virtual hugs, good laughs and prayers too many times to count. Thank you for helping me get Gabby through her seizures, Abby through countless leg...
  2. CrystaBub

    Fishy smelling vent discharge

    Lately I've noticed my runner Gabby has a vent discharge after she poops that looks like raw egg whites. Today I touched it (yuck) and smelled it (more yuck) and noticed it smells a little fishy (even more yuck). I don't go around smelling vents/discharge so I don't know if that's normal...
  3. CrystaBub

    Worst poop place...

    Ok so this may not be the worst place I've ever had poop, but definitely the most embarrassing... Look what I realized was on my shoe while sitting in the dentist chair today.... Now I want to see your worst poop place pics too!
  4. CrystaBub

    Spider Predator????

    Yes - if you have ducks in the Amazon, watch out for this one!
  5. CrystaBub

    Happy Hatchday!

    A year ago today, my first duck ever, Gabby, hatched at Hoover's hatchery, joined shortly by her boyfriend Jabby. They made their way to TSC and were the last 2 ducklings in the bin when I found them. After they saw me, they started peep-peep-peeping, and didn't stop until I pulled my cart...
  6. CrystaBub

    Hemp Bedding for Ducks?

    Hi. I've been reading about hemp bedding and that it's supposed to last twice as long as pine shavings, hay or straw because it's so absorbent. All of the reviews are from chicken owners however - so wondering if any duck owners are using it and if you think it's worth a try?
  7. CrystaBub

    Only 2 more months til Spring in VA!

  8. CrystaBub

    Abby Normal

    Ever seen the footprints of a pigeon-toed duck? This is from our sweet Abby
  9. CrystaBub

    Merry Christmas to all!

    From my ducks to yours - Merry Christmas everyone!
  10. CrystaBub

    Good morning pics!

    Share your good morning pics!
  11. CrystaBub

    I planned for this day!

    :frow I wanted to share something with ya'll. I don't free range my ducks (too many predators). I knew there would come a day when it would be so nasty outside that I wouldn't be able to walk them as often as usual. Well today is the day! I got this chicken toy that you fill with treats - I...
  12. CrystaBub

    Pekin color question

    I finally got a pic to share of both my Pekins. Is it normal for color to vary so much? One is white (female) and one is yellow (male). They are not from the same parents, however they eat the exact same thing, have the same routine, get the same amount of sunlight, and they are close to same...
  13. CrystaBub

    Egg Size Question - Pekins

    My Pekin sometimes lays enormous eggs and, when she does, they are usually double yolks. I can’t find anything on the web to help me understand why this happens, if it’s abnormal, if there’s an underlying health issue and should I be concerned...? Pic comparing my Runner, Ancona and Pekin eggs...
  14. CrystaBub

    Pekin vs White Layer

    Hi. Does anyone have both a Pekin and a White Layer of the same sex - and if so, could you please post a side by side pic so I can see a comparison? Thank you!!!
  15. CrystaBub

    Bumble Pics

    Hi - does anyone have pics of a bumble vs just a scratch? A side by side comparison would be helpful... Can't seem to find any....
  16. CrystaBub

    Great Duck Dad

    Pic of a great duck Dad (and DH) who will probably be up til midnight working on the nighttime duck pen. i realized this morning that it wasn’t Least Weasel proof - and he knew I wouldn’t sleep until this was fixed. :love And pic of very unhappy ducks who just want to go in for the night...
  17. CrystaBub

    Need Pekin Pics please

    Hi Pekin owners! I would really like to see some side by side pics of male/female Pekins please to compare with my Pekins. I appreciate anyone who can help me! :frow
  18. CrystaBub

    Protective Sweetheart

    Just had to share this. Pekin drakes get a lot of slack - sure they can be aggressive and rapists lol - but look at this darling standing guard over his girls today while they forage. You can only see one of the girls - the others are in the bushes. He’s done this all week. Wherever the girls...
  19. CrystaBub

    Drake ate oyster shell....

    I know Drakes aren't supposed to eat oyster shell but what happens if they do and how much is enough to hurt them? My drake ate oyster shell this morning - he's never done it before and I don't know why he decided to do it today...
  20. CrystaBub

    Please please please help the ducks....

    Hi everyone. I don't know where else to turn. I will be starting a rescue project this weekend at a local park - lots of domestic ducks have been dumped here and they need good homes. If you are in Virginia, or willing to drive to Virginia, and willing to take in a few homeless ducks, please...
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