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    Hey, I got these new batch of chicks and posted her a few weeks ago because I’m not sure what breed AND gender they are. Now that they’re older I hope someone might be able to tell me. My chicks are about ten weeks old now and while I know for sure one is a golden laced Wyandotte, the other is...
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    Chicks merging

    It’s been a while since I’ve gotten onto this website, but I’ve seen a lot of websites saying that you cannot mix chickens that are not the same size. We are mixing four full grown chickens and six 7 week old chicks. We sectioned off a piece of our run and have moved the chicks into a smaller...
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    Light brown leghorns

    Any fun facts on raising light brown leghorns? New to the breed, and I can’t find too much about them online.
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    Annual Halloween chicken photo shoot!!!!!

    Pulled out my nice expensive camera for this one, my neighbors now think I’m a crazy person tho lol
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    What gender & breed is this??

    So I have these two four week old chicks, and one of them is looking like a rooster. I had previously found what breed they were, but I went to look again and legitimately couldn’t find anything on the breed I thought they were from tractor supply. They look completely different. So I was...
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    Chicken mystery

    Hey I have a bit of a story that might need some closure, and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas. My chickens used to free range, and on a Friday about three weeks ago I came home to a pile of feathers outside our backyard and two missing chickens. We have a fence separating us from our...
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    Photo shoot

    Not really anything important, but here’s a fall themed photo shoot of my chicks (I get attached easily) Enjoy!
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    Chicks pecking

    I have one chick in particular that’s being targeted by other chicks in the flock. We only have a flock of six, so this is unusual. We have isolated the injured chuck along with another chick that is the same breed as her until we can get them a bigger space and she can heal. It seems to be...
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    Really need some clear answers for this one. I have three, week and a half buff orphinton chicks in where two of the chicks are shaking their heads every five-fifteen seconds. First it was one, now it’s two. No other symptoms of any disease, balance intact, no mites or other runny eyes and...
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