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  1. MeatKing

    In case you havent heard about this yet

    omg, I watched both video's. As an animal lover it was already stated, watching the poor dog get shot was awful. The fact that anyone, would drive up to a police investigation would music blaring, leave it like that, then bring their big dog out, is disturburbing. really... I have...
  2. MeatKing

    Save a dog. Get fired

    I live like 30 min away from where this happened. There is laws in Canada, but it's a slap on the wrist.. We need to be more like the American's when it comes to jailing people ;) It's very sad she got fired, but she had already had another job offer :) At Canadian Tire, which is all...
  3. MeatKing

    When to start school

    At such a young age, the difference in children is quite large. Some will be bigger, some more social, some more acadimic. I know here, in Ontario Canada we have Junior kinders and Seniors together. So anyways from 3-6 years of age, depending on when they were born in the year. It works...
  4. MeatKing

    Do you play an instrument and how old when you when you started?

    I never took any sort've music lesson's and can not read music. But I just started my dd 7, at Piano lesson's, she's had 2 so far. And dd 4 will be starting, in Sept. I feel bad or not smart.. lol , as dd is explaining things to me.. But she enjoys it. This music teacher comes to the...
  5. MeatKing

    Hoarders: Buried alive!

    It's a very sad sitution. Nothing like an episode, to make me feel like cleaning, and chucking stuff out :)
  6. MeatKing


    1. SD 2. SD 3. SD 4. SD 5. SD 6. A 7. D
  7. MeatKing

    Rude People

    Wow, That's aweful I'm so sorry you went through that. I am surprised that they treated you like that. I always get to appointments at least 15 min early. So does everyone in my family. I would think the next person was probley here already, if not, the doc could always use it as...
  8. MeatKing

    Sand Hole

  9. MeatKing

    you wont believe our luck now

    That's great news :) Thanks for sharing
  10. MeatKing

    Chicken Spa Day!

    Very cute!! Thank-you for sharing :)
  11. MeatKing

    Organic McMuffin

    We do not have that in Canada :( Sounds awesome though. In Canada the word "organic' is not regualted very well. Nor is the word free range :( So happy to see this Happening somewhere.. How did it come to be? Would love to help try to change things here. I realize at some point...
  12. MeatKing

    House sitting question

    We paid a teenager to take care of our chickens, for it was 4 or 5 days. We paid her 50, but we live in the sticks, and she lives almost across the rd. It was easy care. They had an automatic waterer and feeders were full, and they weren't laying eggs yet. just a stop by, every day to make...
  13. MeatKing

    Very angry venting/rant

    I'm not to sure about American law, In Canada, it would be squatters rights. (my nieghbor asked her lawyer cause of something simalr) What I wanted to comment on in rural living, were not quite a rural as you, I can see my neighbors houses. When we first moved here from the city, we had...
  14. MeatKing

    Mothers and parents I need your help please!

    We weened from soothers, at 6-8 months old and bottles 12-14 months. Only tip I have is, do it when there not sick, and on the weekend when you plan to lose sleep, some kids are easier then others. I'm sure you already new my tips. If their in a childcare spot, either daycare, or...
  15. MeatKing

    My chickens are smarter then me.. lol

    So we've decided, we only want to free range a chicken a few times a week. (They are destorying our lawn, flower beds ect.) When I go in to give them feed or water ect. They run out, no matter how hard I try.. I will go throw some feed in the back, out door pen, Then sneek into the...
  16. MeatKing

    Canadians check in here....

    And whom are you cheering for? Hockey wise? I clean houses for a few of the senators, guess whom I'm cheering for? But with all said, I don't care who wins it, let it be a Canadian teem!!! The habs, the Leafs. I will swollow it. Lets bring it back to Canada!!
  17. MeatKing

    Canadians check in here....

    Were getting some turkerys soon form Preformance poultry :) Can't wait. t won't be long, have always had great succses from them. How is your all weather? we here in Eastern Ontario, just south of Ottawa.. Loving this weather! So warm, so nice love it!!
  18. MeatKing

    Giving kids toys

    That's awful!! I could not imagine! My heart goes out to this young family. That little boy, shouldn't have to live with that the rest of his life :( Why did a parent not check the gun and ensure it wasn't loaded when they were done. Although, I'm sure the mother is beside herself...
  19. MeatKing

    Anyone not able to have Children?

    This topic always makes me really sad, I have no idea of the pain you feel. But I do pray, that things will work out. My sister and her husband, can't have children. I know it makes her sad some days, but other days, I know she is now in a very happy place. I hope everyone in this...
  20. MeatKing

    Makeup talk (if a dude trolls this, it could get AWKWARD)

    I know very little about make-up.. And beauty, I am enjoying this thread. So Thank-you to everyone.. I have nothing to contribute though!! In my 30's and still don't have a clue!! Nice to here ideas from real people!!
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