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  1. Purlsnponies


    I'm thinking that my bossy Easter Egger baby is a cockerel.. what do y'all think?
  2. Purlsnponies

    Florida shed-to-coop build

    Hi all! I've been working hard on my coop build this past week, and it's starting to come together. Of course, seems like the list of things to do/finish just keeps growing! Lots yet to build and trim, staining of just about everything, plugging up all holes, building roosts, feeders...
  3. Purlsnponies

    Staining/sealing run

    I've built my run out of pressure treated wood, and it should be dry enough to stain soon. I was planning on using Behr's solid deck stain, which I've been using on the coop. Will the corrosive cleaner that I'm supposed to use first damage my hardware cloth? I won't apply the cleaner directly...
  4. Purlsnponies

    Phasing out mother hen heating pad

    Hi all! I'm planning for my first batch of chicks (shipped yesterday!), and am going to go the mother hen heating pad route. They'll stay in my guest bedroom the first week, and will move to a larger (sheltered, secure) outdoor brooder after that. How long do you typically leave the heating pad...
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