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    Isa Browns and winter

    Yea! 👍
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    Isa Browns and winter

    Ok, thank you so much! Oh yea I forgot about that! hahah
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    Isa Browns and winter

    Hi there! I live in the north Florida area and it usually gets cold till about 30 degrees or maybe high 20s. I was wondering how hard are Isa Browns during winter? And if you know how hardy California whites and wellsummers are too that would be great!
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    4 week old chicks!

    Awww how cute! Sorry since I’m not a chicken expert I can’t tell what they are but they are adorable! Do they have nameSS?
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    Muddy Chicken Runs.

    I would recommend maybe putting some leaves down and some bedding to keep things dry. I hope you find a solution soon!
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    Review by 'Anonymous' in article 'Cozy Rustic Pallet Coop'

    This is so awesome! I loved how you used pallets to build your coop! Such a great ideas 😀
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    Hello Everyone

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    My rooster bit my face

    hmmm.... strange
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    My rooster bit my face

    Ohh, that is so weird, I am soo sorry about that. How old is he?
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    What WON'T your chickens eat?

    Like actual styrofoam?
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    What WON'T your chickens eat?

    OK, thank you. My hens tend to be picky sometimes, they also like softer foods, so not sure if they would like pumpkin but I maybe will give it a shot. I gave them raspberries for the first time today, and my California white, went nuts for them.
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    What WON'T your chickens eat?

    What part of the pumpkin can chickens eat?
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    Pet pig enclosure

    Aww! How cute! They look like they are going to grow so fast! How old are they now?
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    Pet pig enclosure

    Omg, I just love pot belly pigs and that is just like the cutest pig ever! Are you going to name her/him?
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    Hurt baby chicken

    Pics would be nice, I might be able to see Better and understand. How old is the chick?
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    Raising Chicks

    I have Isa browns and they are super easy and friendly and lay tons of eggs. I also have California whites which is probably my favorite and they are the friendliest of all my lady’s and they tend to also lay the most.
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