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    Isa Browns and winter

    Hi there! I live in the north Florida area and it usually gets cold till about 30 degrees or maybe high 20s. I was wondering how hard are Isa Browns during winter? And if you know how hardy California whites and wellsummers are too that would be great!
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    Chicken grit

    Hi! So my chickens are about 2 1/2 months old right now and they are living in their coop/large run. I have been feeding then chick grit for the past month or so and I recently ran out of it. I was wondering if I should switch over to regular grit because I read somewhere that after 8 weeks they...
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    Different Chicken breeds!

    Hi there! reply to this thread with a picture of your chickens and say their breed, and lets see how many chicken pictures we can get!
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    Smelly run

    So we have 4 chickens and I have noticed that our run is starting to smell. I wasn’t sure if there is something that we could do, we don’t have any bedding in it, and I try to pick up the poop sometimes. Is there anything that we could do? Thanks! 😋 I have included a pic of our run and coop...
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    What to put down if all of my chickens ate the grass?

    So we recently got chickens and when they were first in their run there was plenty of grass, now over time it is just dirt? Is that ok? Or should I put something down? If so what?
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