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  1. MariyaJee

    Buff Brahma Bantam Egglaying

    I was wondering at what age do buff brahma bantams generally lay? Do they lay at the same age as brahmas or do they lay earlier/later because they are bantams. Also would two buff brahma bantams of the same age start laying around the same time or could they lay some time apart. Thanks! :)
  2. MariyaJee

    Need Help Identifying Buff Orpington Gender

    Hello, I would really appreciate some help in determining wether my 4.5 month old buff orpington is a cockerel or a pullet. It has some spurs growing and relatively large comb and waddle (from what I can tell at least, but I'm no expert) which are quite red. But I have heard a hen's comb and...
  3. MariyaJee

    Silkie Sexing

    Hello, I have another 3 month old silkie that I need to be sexed. I'm not allowed to have roosters where I live therefore it is important to find out if this silkie is a rooster, so I can find a new home for him. All help is highly appreciated. Also this silkie recently had a leg injury (that...
  4. MariyaJee

    Silkie Sexing

    I have a three month old silkie that I need to be sexed. In the area I live we are not allowed to have roosters so any help would be appreciated. What puzzles me about this silkie is that he/she has no poof on top of its head and has no beard. Is it normal for silkies to have no sign of a poof...
  5. MariyaJee

    Silkie Rooster Fighting Aggresively

    Hello Everybody, My entire flock used to get along there would be the occasional fights but nothing serious (they are 10 weeks old). Then one of my silkies (I think a hen?) got a very serious leg injury (cause unknown) and couldn't stand for 3 weeks now she is starting to recover and can walk...
  6. MariyaJee

    Chicken can't stand!!

    Hello everybody, I would greatly appreciate some help with my problem. I noticed one of my silkie chickens started limping very heavily and then could not walk at all and just sat down and would not get up, even when I came up to her and normally she runs away the minute she sees me. I...
  7. MariyaJee

    Chicks hate their coop!!

    Hello! I have 8 chickens, 2 buff brahma bantams, 1 golden laced polish, 1 buff orpington, and 4 white silkies. I moved them into their cage about one month ago (they are currently al little less than 2 months old) and they so far have enjoy the run and area to run around. There is a ladder...
  8. MariyaJee

    Need help. HOA is asking to remove the chicks from the house

    Hi I have three female baby chicks in my house and my daughter really love them and we are taking care of them since they were 1 day old (now they are two months old). Today I got a letter from Home owner association stating that "No animals, other than dogs, cats or other animals reasonably...
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