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  1. logansmommy7

    How long for heat lamps with cornish rocks?

    Obviously they will have to be on a heat lamp at the beginning in the brooder-but hope to get them out on my finished garden in electronetting with a chicken tractor...just wondering-since their lifespan is 6-8 weeks, how long the 'brooder phase' would last. I guess we will just have to see...
  2. logansmommy7

    Do certain people not get posts answered around here-meat chicks quest

    I am wondering if people just don't answer certain people around here. I've posted multiple times with NO response. So-does anyone know how long to leave broiler chicks under the heat lamp-SINCE they GROW FASTER! Don't mean to be rude, but COMPLETEly feel IGNORED!
  3. logansmommy7

    Chicks (broilers) how long to keep under heat lamp?

    Since they grow receiving a shipment sometime this week and wondering. Thanks!
  4. logansmommy7

    How long for heat lamps with cornish rocks?

    Am going to be receiving a shipment of 25 cornish rocks sometime this week. How long do they require heat lamps? I understand they grow faster than normal chickens....
  5. logansmommy7

    So I have heard some things about Cornish X's

    And I have 25 on order from Ideal poultry (the best price I found) do you prevent the ascites that they typically get from eating too much? That is just the one thing I have heard about this breed. Please-all the advice you have is great and will be appreciated. I awnt to get these...
  6. logansmommy7

    Cats as chicken killers?

    This was at like noon-in broad daylight, a skunk or coon? Really? I thought they were nocturnal predators, as well as weasels and foxes.
  7. logansmommy7

    Cats as chicken killers?

    I have a few cats, one of which is a newer addition to our farm/family. He is on the feral side, but sort of friendly. We kind of saved him from sure death this winter. Anyway-we had a chicken left headless in our barnyard this morning (after coming out of the coop) and in broad daylight...
  8. logansmommy7


    So my chickens all have feather loss, some worse than others, and it is not molting. I have only one rooster to 12 that should be the problem. I have checked them over for lice-don't see any. I guess it could be mites...what do I do? I have heard of the roost mites, so I am going...
  9. logansmommy7

    When to let hen with chicks back in with the rest?

    I have a hen who was broody and hatched three chicks. The chicks are about two weeks old now and she is in our chicken tractor with them. Any ideas???? I don't want to do it too soon, but if it would be better now, I would go ahead and do it. She is VEEERRYYY protective of them. We have a 6...
  10. logansmommy7

    What breed #2!

    I would be truly guessing on all-except for #2....I REALLY think it is a New Hampshire Red. It looks exactly like the three I had as 1-3 day old chicks....
  11. logansmommy7

    Gender help please!?!?!

    I'm not the BEST guesser, but I would have to definitely say 2 roos...
  12. logansmommy7

    New Hampshire Reds....pullets or roos?

    Oooo...I have three New Hampshire reds too...I have speculated that one is a rooster for a while....the other two have had a little bit slower comb growth but their combs are not as big as yours-maybe you have pullets? Can you post pics of them standing??
  13. logansmommy7

    Broody BA - moving chicks under cover of night

    Quote: HEY-that is good information! My broody just hatched (only 3-my fault mostly) adorable little chicks but I felt the need to remove her from the rest after they it really ISN'T necessary?? I thought if there was a hatching during the night the other chicks would eat them...
  14. logansmommy7

    stripes on baby australorps?

    I posted something about this the other day as well. I have 10 BA chicks that are about 5 weeks old and a few of the pullets have lacing on the chest. Someone on here said it is a phase of should change and be all black-if indeed they are BAs...
  15. logansmommy7

    Looking for a flock guardian

    I'm interested in this as well-especially which type of dog would go best with chickens. I also have goats that I would like protected. They are Nigerian Dwarf goats so a larger predator could get them I suppose.
  16. logansmommy7

    Balding heads PLEASE HELP??

    We have only one roo...and 12 hens-more to come but are pullets at this point and I was thinking of adding one more BA roo from the current batch of chicks I have because then we will have at least 17-18 hens and I don't think one roo could cover them all. So maybe it is ole Joe (our roo) being...
  17. logansmommy7

    Weasels??? What do you know about them??

    Quote: Ok thanks for lightening up the mood in this post-ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm guessing it could be a mink also-we have a creek close by. Who knows really. The one time there was more than one chicken left out the predator only took one and left the others...I'm stumped. I really would...
  18. logansmommy7

    Balding heads PLEASE HELP??

    To elaborate...this is not my entire flock. They all sleep together at night and only some of them resemble feather loss. A few it is severe, their heads around the comb area is COMPLETElY bald, AND RED! They also have bare backs. Some are worse than others. Many but not all (I only have 12...
  19. logansmommy7


    So, Sevin dust is what you would recommend to spread around the coop and run as well as on the chickens? Someone had said to actually put each chicken in a pillow case with some sevin and that humane??
  20. logansmommy7


    I used it last is a great thing also helps with flies. I have run out for the very short time being-will get some next time I can get to the store that carries it. Thanks!
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