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  1. jgilliatt

    eggs look like empty deflated balloons

    I have gotten a couple soft eggs over the past couple of weeks. Yesterday and today I got deflated beige balloons. My Jersey Giants are three years old. I also have a Dominique and a Lacey who are just over a year. What's going on? I feed commercial food with extra treats. I got three new...
  2. jgilliatt

    hen's comb and waddle have turned pink

    My favorite Jersey Black Giant - about 1 1/2 years old - appears to have lost weight and her comb, waddle, and area around her eyes have turned pink. I only have one other JBG, but she is still bright red. I feed them layer food and fresh water daily. They also get treats like seed, oatmeal...
  3. jgilliatt

    squatting hen

    I have six black jersey giant hens. They are about a year old and have been wonderful. For the past week, one hen has been 'squating'. I don't know how to explain it more. She can't seem to stand up straight on her legs. She even walks in a squatted position. Hee thighs seem visably very...
  4. jgilliatt

    clipping wings

    What are your thoughts on clipping wings?
  5. jgilliatt

    Are chickens 'on the clock'?

    My six black jersey giants have been free range since this spring when they were old enough to be out by themselves. I noticed that they have clock-like routines and could easily find them due to the time of day. The girls would even expect me to deliver their dinner at the bottom of the steps...
  6. jgilliatt


    Like another hen-master, I've just started seeing some plucked necklines. I was letting the 6 hens freerange all day but they started going too far into the neighbors' yards. We are now leaving them in the pen for the day - setting them free from about 4:00 to bedtime. I know, no size of pen...
  7. jgilliatt

    Jersey Giants laying age?

    I know that the Jersey Giants generally give first eggs at an older age than other breeds. My six little ladies are 15 weeks. Anyone out there remember when their Jersey Giants started laying? Judi
  8. jgilliatt

    squirrel crazed

    GRRRRR! The squirrels are such pests! My six chickens have the freedom of my back yard during the day, but I can't leave any food out for them because the squirrels come out in hords. I have to sit with the hens while they eat a morning meal and evening meal, then pick up the pan. The darn...
  9. jgilliatt

    Is there a list of protective devices?

    The more I read from this site, the more worried I get about my hens. I am adding an additional layer of hardware cloth to all the open areas, but I am also noticing talk of devices such as Niteguard and electric wires. Is there a list of my options? What do you real chicken people recommend?
  10. jgilliatt

    Do free-range chicken need grit?

    I have read different information. My chickens are out-of-pen from 6am - 8:30pm plucking around the yard. I feed them a bowl of starter and lots of treats like watermelon, oatmeal, and yogurt. Do I need to add grit to their meal or are they getting that from the dirt they eat? I have six...
  11. jgilliatt

    limiting ranging area

    I am a new member to the chicken world. We have 6 3-month old black jersey giants. They have become wonderful pets! They are locked in the coop at night but get to range around the yard in the day. I need to limit them to the back yard and woods. Do chickens respond to any of the...
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