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    Chicken butt swollen

    So I have a chicken that has a very swollen butt, almost as if her organs all fell into her butt. She walks around like a penguin so I thought she was eggbound so we brought her in and put her in a little bath and massaged her for 20 min we felt inside and outside her but we could never find and...
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    Silkie chicken value

    I was wondering how much my silkie roosters are worth one is all black the other one seems to be buff colored. I didn’t know if they were worth nothing or if they were about ten bucks or more. Please tell me if you have any ideas.
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    Corid treatment

    How much corid do I put in the chicken waterer. The corid I bought was for some other animals so the dosages didn’t seem right.
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    Help chicken is not moving!

    i just found one of my hens laying out in the chicken pen laying down with flies all over her she was somewhat unresponsive only opening her eyes when I came to pick her up. She didn’t look physically injured at all no feathers no bleeding nothing. I brought her inside and she is just laying in...
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    Chicks disappeared without a trace.

    I had a broody hen with 3 chicks in a little sectioned off part of the chicken pin. It had been raining and I went to go check on the chicks and two of them were missing and I had no idea how they had gone missing. I can’t think of any predators that would have got them because it was raining...
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    Help chick hatched too early.

    I had a chick that decided it wanted to hatch on day 19 I didn’t help it hatch or anything but momma hen didn’t help her to slow down she crushed her egg forcing her out too early. She still has yolk too absorb, will she die?
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    How long can hatching eggs be left alone before dying?

    So I have a broody hen who has been sitting on some eggs for about a week and she got kicked off her nest by another hen and she got onto the wrong nest and stayed she had been away at the longest for four hours and today the temperature had gotten to a hundred. Are my eggs still hatch able or...
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    is My hen broody?

    She’s about a year old and has plucked all of her chest feathers leaving only skin. I know this is a thing broody chickens do, is it a sign she’s broody? She isn’t clucking or puffing yet.
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    Blood around unfertilized egg

    I was cracking eggs when one of them came out with blood in the egg white but not the yolk, does anyone know why my hen laid an egg with blood in it? It wasn’t a super large egg or anything it was just an average sized agh so it wasn’t a size problem. I have no roosters so that rules out a...
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    Emergency help fast!

    it has been very cold here recently and ao I decided to put a heat lamp in the chickens coop. Sometime in the middle of the night it started s fire burning their best box material no chickens were killed but some are having some serious breathing issues, they’ll coo then cough. I have them out...
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    2 month old chick has no tail.

    i have two chicks with no tail at two months while the other to do. One of the tailless chicks is a rooster while the other is a pullet who is much smaller than her brother and dosent have as near of a defined comb. The reason I find this odd is I hatched these chicks with my broody hen, but the...
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    Broody twice in one year (not silkie)

    I can't believe it! She's a leghorn too! She went broody in June and hatched two chicks sadly they both went missing at different times. But now she's gone broody again and I think I know why we have had some attacks recently and I heard chickens will often go broody after an attack to replace...
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    Raccoons are EVIL.

    I hate raccoons the look like robbers and are mass serial killers, no one is aloud to say their cute in this thread ok. Recently I have had raccoon attacks one after another and there my favorite most nice hens too, I'm always thinking why couldn't you have gotten her instead of my favorites...
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    I wasn't expecting this.

    All of my hens that aren't supposed to go broody do, I have no idea why I've had leghorns go broody, now I have an Ancona hen going in the pre broody stage along with my buff orphington. Do any of you know why so many of my supposed non broody breeds go broody?
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    Confusing broody

    I have a BO who is one year old and I think she's trying to go broody but she's kind of confusing she seems to only act broody when she's laying an egg, I think she's laying a clutch but I don't know when I see her on the nest she puffs up big and broody clucks me. But then she gets off her nest...
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    Hen can't stand on right foot.

    One of my favorite hens who lays large brown eggs every day, she never takes a break. She has really bad feathers because she never molts like her sister, she looks really rough she has no feathers under her and what feathers she does have are mangled. Recently she has been limping really bad...
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    Hen weaning chicks too early.

    I had a hen hatch chicks on June 19th so that's a little less than 4 weeks ago and she is already pecking her chicks and she payed an egg yesterday I have not heard her make a broody cluck all day and yesterday she made very few clucks. Why would she wean her chicks so early? They seem too young...
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    Chicken drama

    i have two chickens who love to fight, I had a hen go broody in late may she was separated the whole time, her chicks hatched on the 19th of June and she was separated for an additional week so her chicks could get strong. Then I put her in a pen next to the other chickens to re introduce her to...
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    This is a sad dayk

    Last night one of my broody hens lost her only chick somehow in the middle of the night. This morning I let them out and notice that the Mama dosent have her chick anymore she just stood outside cooing in a sad way, eventually she went back in the coop clucking for her chick going in every nest...
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    Blood around pipp

    I have an egg hatching and it has blood around the pip should I be worried or will she be fine?
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