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  1. Chic CAN

    Lemon Cuckoo Orpingtons Nothern CA

    I am willing to meet in certain places. Please PM me if you are interested. Prices start at $10 each depending on age. Minimum 3 order unless you pick up and I don't have 3 available. Depending on meeting location may charge delivery fee. Located in Lake County, Northern California ST run...
  2. Chic CAN

    Lemon Cuckoo Orpington's

    Hello I am a new Lemon Orp breeder. Building up my flock. Who else has them? I am interested in keeping some genetic diversity. I would like to start a lemon orp breeding community thread. We can all help each other out this way. Iam going to open a thread in chicken breeds too. When my...
  3. Chic CAN

    Low hatch rate.

    Is there a bacteria that can keep eggs from hatching? I have tried several times and I still have bad fortune even with following the book.. and when I do have a good hatch rate I loose a lot of chicks. My adult chickens don't have illness. I have bleached the incubator after each use. I...
  4. Chic CAN

    Can't find info need help on soaking eggs.

    I have looked and looked on line and everyone says 'not' to soak you eggs in water to clean them. But I can't find a reason why. I have searched the web. Any specialists? I soak mine in cool water with a light natural fruit and veggie wash because my ducks make a mud mess and the hens always...
  5. Chic CAN

    Herbs and Resources, Natural, Organic, and/ or Non GMO and more

    Hello everyone. I am starting this threat for an information base. Herbs can be used in Cooking (of course), for ailments, and treatment not only for us but our critters as well. Any information here is not to be taken as medical advice, but rather shared information that you choose to use on...
  6. Chic CAN

    BYC Glitching. Is anyone else having problems?

    Hello sorry to give you something to do. But when I press "Reply" I get "Draft does not exist" Then the window remains but the post posted. have to close and open a new window to see it. I also have quotes permanently in the supposed to be empty reply box. And the home page keeps...
  7. Chic CAN

    Raise your own meat.

    I find tidbits making me more and more happy I am raising my own birds for meat and eggs. Also when you can get things form local sources and know the conditions it is beneficial. I know the ranch my organic pasture raised beef and lamb comes from. And found an organic grass-fed dairy to get...
  8. Chic CAN

    FYI those who live on the Pacific and/or eat pacific seafood. Important info about the radiation damage. I advise watching what you eat. I really feel for the fishermen, and the poor wildlife :( I hear even the...
  9. Chic CAN

    SPreading the news to help the victims!

    Here the news article. This happened last week. Please let others know. Thank you! This is a copy of the letter from the owner to one of the talk shows to help get the word out. Hi Ellen...
  10. Chic CAN

    Helpful, Cool, Handy, and Fun Information

    Here we go. if you have FB Homesteading/Survivalism is a great page. Best Chicken Breeds: 12 Types of Hens that Lay Lots of Eggs, Make Good Pets, and Fit in Small Yards
  11. Chic CAN

    Make you Laugh

    his is a place for funny things :) We all need a good laugh. Rules: No foul words... fowl words are okay. :p Keep it clean, nothing crude please. No videos with violent humor Lets keep light light fun and happy :p This is great and it is all...
  12. Chic CAN

    Any explanations?

    I only have Orpintongs. Some buff hens and the rest lemon cuckoos. I have recently hatched a few batches of chicks. Now her is what is odd......... all my chickens have pink or pinky white legs. One of my 6 week old chicks had blue legs..........???? Is this possibly some throw-back gene?
  13. Chic CAN

    Lemon Cuckoo Orpington Roosters

    Lemon Cuckoo Orpington Roosters/Cockerels available for sale. Absolutely stunning. Ages 8 weeks to 1year. All very docile so far. Great size and pass their stripes down. They are used to being handled by children as well. Prices very from $25-$50 depending on age and quality. All are very...
  14. Chic CAN

    How do I empty my PM trash bin?

    My question is: How do I delete PM's from the trash bin? In PM's it gets crowded, or you have ones that you don't need/want. So you delete it. The PM then goes to the trash bin. But I cannot delete it from my trash bin. I can find no option or way to do it! I am computer literate, am I...
  15. Chic CAN

    Funny and way too adorable pictures

    Please only post pictures that you have taken, nothing inappropriate please :) You may tall a joke to go with it or a small explanation of the photo. Frog prince with a mustache (By: Nutting Photography).
  16. Chic CAN

    Pictures of Wild Ckickens Thread

    OK catch and pic of wild chickens or unknowns post them here, maybe even see if they could be identified. I'll Start. Wild Rooster Kuaii HI
  17. Chic CAN

    What's causing this? Moldy food?

    I gave mchickend older veggies from the fridge, I've done it before and have had no problem but now I have a hen msking noise like this one only she isn't squawking as often. If it is moldy food what will it do and what can I do to help. She has no facial swelling or drscharge just an...
  18. Chic CAN

    helpfull link I found for some chicken ailments

    There is an A- link on the bottom
  19. Chic CAN

    Sick chicken- Can't ind list of symptoms on-line

    I just bought this 1 year ols Lemon Cuckoo Orpington hen Last Friday, we exacuated for a fire Sunday, returned Monday. It has been hot, not other chickens are sick. She is lethargic and drooling a pale yellow color quite frequently. She shows no interest in water and pecheck at fresh corn on...
  20. Chic CAN


    I know the threats of Racoons to chicken. My question is can they kill a duck by reaching their hand throough the wire to grad the just like they do chickens? I know ducks have tougher necks. I hope someone can inform me before I decide to leave my ducks out in the pen and not lock them up in...
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