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    Runner ducklings can anyone identify breed?

    Awh so pretty I love the black and white I got them from eBay 😒 not the best care taken I also sell my eggs on eBay and the eggs they sent where just pathetic really
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    Runner ducklings can anyone identify breed?

    I know he is throwing me for a loop to! What about the malformed duckling have you ever seen that before? He had no eyes and his brain was never closed off poor thing he lived for 4 minutes out of the shell. He was a real fighter. So sad.
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    Runner ducklings can anyone identify breed?

    Hello all and good morning! I hatched out two pure Indian runner duckling yesterday and was curious of two things one can anyone identify breed? I’m sure one is Emory penciled not sure about the other. Anyone care to guess? Also worst hatch I have ever had only two survived of nine one severely...
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    Emergency help I dropped a hatching egg

    Thank you so much it’s not bleeding to bad just a bit I don’t think he is ready to come out though so I will watch him I just feel so bad I never handle them but the early ones where trampling them so I made a quick switch and dropped him 😳 poor thing
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    Emergency help I dropped a hatching egg

    Ok I will do that then I just checked and he is still moving only a little blood he dropped pretty hard though it was a loud crack when I dropped him there was only a tiny hole and I cracked it that bad.
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    Emergency help I dropped a hatching egg

    Yes he had pipped externally several hours ago should I get him out?
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    Emergency help I dropped a hatching egg

    Please help any advice I’m literally waiting by my phone 2 have already hatched so he wouldn’t be early if I helped him or should I let him rest
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    Emergency help I dropped a hatching egg

    Please help what do I do I dropped a hatching egg pretty hard I was moving them to another incubator they are due today should I leave him alone or get him out fast. I do have experience hatching eggs and have had to assist many only lost 2. I’ll attach a pic this just happened 5 min ago please...
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    Looking for runner ducks anyone know who’s selling?

    Thank you I will do right now! The ones in the incubator are not looking good all had saddle bags and like a bubble in them? Maybe better off with live chicks. I have hatched my own duck eggs all spring with these so I know it’s the eggs. Thanks!
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    Come One, Come All to the Greatest Unofficial Bird Show for the Nest Two Weeks (No Prizes)

    This is my silver Appleyard duck Donald and although she had a vet visit one morning and awake to an egg in her crate she is still known as Donald 😂 she is as sweet as peach pie and comes when called if your holding her favorite treat which is canned peas and corn. She is 3 years old. 😊
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    Welcome to my pond - Swim, wade, or sit on the bank

    Good afternoon all! 👋 here’s a picture of some of my newest babies crazy duck lady here 😊 and proud of it!
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    Awh 😢 have you tried putting there legs comfortably up to there bodies like they should be and gently placing them in a sock? And then place the sock inside a cup to keep them upright. It worked for my duckling that had sprawled legs. You can look up how to do it on YouTube. Hope they get better!
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    Looking for runner ducks anyone know who’s selling?

    Hello friends! Looking for blue and chocolate runner ducks but all the hatcheries are sold out! 😔 does anyone know who’s selling right now? I don’t need 20 I just want to but maybe 5 or 6 first time buying live ducks. I purchased runner duck eggs from eBay and all had saddle bag air sacks so I’m...
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    Indian runner ducklings

    Look like a fawn runner so white and cream as an adult and a penciled runner maybe? Pretty lines and patches on it as an adult
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    My 3 day old duckling keep tilting his head up until she falls over

    Thank you so much for all the info it may be the ladder because many of them had not absorbed the yolk and I lost almost all of them I think something happened with the incubator. I didn’t have this problem the first time they all survived but one. I have lost almost all of them this time. I...
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    Chronicling my duckling losses here :(

    Thank you for taking the time to post this information sorry for your losses 😢
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    Help my hatching duck are all dying!!

    He didn’t make it 😭 I made him a chick sling and put him in a tub plastic so he could still see the other ducklings they don’t do well alone. But he passed over the night. I was waking up every two hours to water him and poor guy he just didn’t have any more strength to fight. Thank you all for...
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