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    Sexing silver Sebrights

    Chicks are 4 weeks today. I believe I have 2 cockerels and 2 pullets but the one “pullet” is questionable. Pic 1 cockerel, pic 2 pullet pic 3 hoping pullet. 4th chick cockerel not pictured. Let me know what your guess is.
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    Lavender ameraucana gender 10 weeks

    Lavender ameraucana approximately 10 weeks old. Any ideas if this is a cockerel or pullet? I have 2 and this ones comb is much wider than the one. Also does anyone have insight on ways I can help their feather quality? They are very scraggly compared with my marans. Thank you.
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    Marans chicks gender help please

    I have 4 marans chicks. They are 3 weeks old. Please help I think I have at least 2 roosters. #1 #2 #3 #4- a mix of different coloured marans?
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    Marans mix

    This chick is almost 2 weeks old and is supposed to be a marans. The rooster was a cuckoo marans and the hen was said to be a white, tan, or red marans (possibly mix?) the chick was all white at a day old, and there is another white chick that is feathering all white. This chick was the slowest...
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