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    Sick chick

    Ugh....I just got some chicks about a month old and noticed one has a swollen eye and appears to be a bit runny. What is my best course of treatment???? I have her seperated. Also will I be able to put her with my flock if she gets better?? Or will she always be a carrier?(I’m assuming it’s...
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    Gapeworm or respiratory????

    I’m not sure if I should treat for gape or respiratory issues??? She just started doing this this monring. I got her from someone about 6 months ago and she’s always been raspy sounding but I never really worried about it becuase there were no other symptoms. No discharge from the eyes or nasal...
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    Sick Pullet need help

    Hey, So ive been searching and coming up empty. I need some help trying to figure out whats wrong with my girl. Shes about 3 months old and up until yesterday afternoon seemly fine. I went out to bring everyone their afternoon snacks and found her with her head stuck in the fencing and it...
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    Wry neck-help!

    I have a pullet who has developed wry neck. I’m unsure if it’s from an injury or if she vitamin deficient. The first day we noticed it she was able to walk still and straighten her neck. The next day she deteriorated her neck got more crooked and she seems unable to stand and is always trying to...
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