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  1. Ducklingsandchicks

    Funny Duck Contest!

    Hi! This is the funny duck contest! Here are the rules and directions! Rules: 1) A maximum of 3 pictures is allowed 2) No chickens please! 3) No fighting 4) Ducks only Directions: You can post up to 3 pictures, leave a caption of what the duck is doing/trying to do, leave the ducks age and...
  2. Ducklingsandchicks

    Keeping Up With Shaelyn’s Flock!

    Hi guys! This thread I made for to share what I do daily with my flock. I currently have 7 Pekins, 1 Khaki Camble, 5 Buff Orpington’s, and 3 White Crested ducks! Some are 1 year old and the others are 10 weeks old! I’ll post some pictures in a second! I made this thread so I could share with you...
  3. Ducklingsandchicks


    Hi guys! This is a Pekin duck only thread! Pekins are one of the most common duck breed in the world... let’s share ours!!
  4. Ducklingsandchicks

    Duck Breeding Post!

    Hi! This thread is for duck breeders! Share pictures and share what duck eggs your hatching now! Or any tips and tricks you learned!
  5. Ducklingsandchicks


    Share your ducks and chickens! This thread you can share any breed or duck/chicken!
  6. Ducklingsandchicks


    Hi! Please help! I have a combined thing of ducks and chickens, if the ducks have babies and lay eggs with the chickens break the fertile eggs? Even if they won’t will the chickens hurt the new born ducklings?
  7. Ducklingsandchicks

    Pekin Drakes

    Hi guys! I need to get rid of 2 Pekin drakes. None of my friends want them! Anyone know where I can get rid of them? They are 10 weeks old currently.
  8. Ducklingsandchicks

    Guess The Breed!

    Guess The breed of the Light brown duck.
  9. Ducklingsandchicks

    Uneven Ratio Problem

    Hi! I have 7 males and 4 female ducks. Once the males are old enough I’m going to separate some of them for the females. I’m leaving about 2 drakes in there. Probably 2 Pekins. Can I have a flock of 5 boys?
  10. Ducklingsandchicks

    Sad Duck Story

    Another Story!: Today was the day I hoped! I hoped on the boat and paddled out to the duck house floating on the water. I looked over at the nest. YES! Today was the day! A duckling had hatched! It was a Khaki Camble Pekin mix duckling. Only one so far, it was still wet. It was yellow and black...
  11. Ducklingsandchicks

    Chicken Story

    Ok, Hi guys! I’m here with a sad chicken story! One day after getting a brand new white, black, tan, and dark brown colored roo with my 7 hens I woke up to water and feed them. As I walk out side I see a hole under the fence, I take a peek and see about a million feathers scattered everywhere! I...
  12. Ducklingsandchicks

    Duck Breeding Time

    Hi! I have 10 week old Pekin’s, Buff Orpington’s, and White Crested ducks. I have decided to start breeding ducks. I have 4 females and 7 males, I’m wondering at what age they can start breeding?
  13. Ducklingsandchicks

    Duck Lover Here!

    Share pictures of your ducks! Any breed doesn’t matter. Have fun with this!
  14. Ducklingsandchicks

    What’s The Sex?

    I need help, how can I tell if my ducks are boys or girls? They are 10 weeks old
  15. Ducklingsandchicks

    Show Off Your Duck Coops!

    Mine is muddy from the ducks and chickens! But they seem to like it! Show your coops!
  16. Ducklingsandchicks

    Show Off Your Ducks!!

    Show off your ducks! Doesn’t matter what breed!
  17. Ducklingsandchicks

    Happy? Or Sad?

    I have ducks and they are 9.7 weeks old. How do I know if they are happy?
  18. Ducklingsandchicks

    My Ducks Are Scared Of Me

    I have 5 Pekin ducks, 3 Buff Orpington Ducks and 2 White Crested’s. They are 9.7 weeks old and are scared of me. I’ve never done anything that could have scared them. I feed them everyday and I spoil them! How do I make them like me?
  19. Ducklingsandchicks

    Duck Laying

    Hi y’all! I have 5 Pekin ducks, 3 Buff Orpington’s, and 2 White Crested ducks. They are all 9.7 weeks old. When will they start laying eggs? I herd duck eggs taste great and I was wondering when my ducks were going to start laying.
  20. Ducklingsandchicks


    My 11 ducks didn’t fit so I put them in with my chickens and the chickens have to much space. So I put in my ducks and the chickens are pecking at my ducks. What can I do to keep the chickens from hurting my ducks?
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