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    Chicken won't use nest box

    Hello there.. I have a red sexlink pullet that just started to lay but she's ignoring the nest box and laying on the manure board. is there any way I can get her to start using the nest box? I have two others who are going to start laying and I'm worried that they are going to copy her. I...
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    Questions about the deep litter method

    Hello there... I have done a little reading about the deep litter method and it intrigues me. I love the idea of fewer chores and less work as well as the idea of having really good compost. But..... I have such a hard time believing that it doesn't smell. My setup is a converted horse...
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    Do roosts really need to be 18" from wall to avoid poop on wall?

    Hello there... I'm reading conflicting information about this and I'm wondering if there are any of you who have perches less than 18" off of the wall, and if you have poop on the wall. One post I read was from a member who had 12" between same level roosts and they said that their chickens...
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    Grow out pen for poults

    Hello there... We are in the process of setting up for turkeys. We are in Canada and temps in the spring can go well below freezing at night so too cold for poults. They will be going into tractors or pens (haven't decided which yet) when they are old enough. We were thinking that they will...
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    Tractor questions

    Hello there... I'm hoping some folks will be able to help me. We are considering using tractors next year to raise turkeys out on our pasture. I'm hoping someone can share pictures/plans for a tractor that is predator proof and reasonably easy to move. I've seen a few l images online (mostly...
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    New to poultry, need turkey advice

    Hello there... One day last week I woke up and had no idea that I would have turkeys. By one o'clock that afternoon arrangements had been made and 6 BBW poults were being delivered. We put them in a Rubbermaid and started researching every thing we could find on turkeys. We had initially...
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