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    Incubator Cleaning Brinsea 56EX

    Maybe some one already address this. I have hatched using my Brinsea 56EX incubator a few times. I've taken it apart to clean it. But the plastic bearings that holds the screws are starting to crack and fall apart. And i did not force the tightness. Is there another way of cleaning this thing...
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    I sent 2 young ladies to the lab. I shed tears when I saw them showing signs of illness. But i had to know whats going on in the yard. I got the email results today. Some one help me understand the report. Sadden about my two ladies. But hopeful this may save the rest of the flock. Hope this...
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    I am wondering if there is anything to wash the birds with? Like shampoo or soap. I know the poultry feather contains an oil and their feather aren't to be washed with soap. But is there any disinfectant wash that can be used. I will be spraying down my coop and yard soon with a disinfectant. I...
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    Hi all, Okay. So ive been looking through the threads, youtube and web about Marek's Disease. I have this young bird, he is about 3.5-4 month old. He was with his brothers and sister total of 9. He is the only one doing this. Started doing it this morning. Yesterday when they were roaming i...
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    Lumps down her lower body.

    Some history: She laid eggs back in October/November and then molted after. Finish molting in December. Haven't laid any eggs since or do mating calls. Was checking her out and I found lumps on both sides of her under belly by her thigh. Been about 2 weeks now. Anybody experience this or know...
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    What is wrong with his eye???

    Hello, My young rooster here is about a year old. Got off work and went to see him, i was wearing a head lamp and i noticed one of his eye were white when the light shined at him. Anybody know what this is? Cataract? Background: Yesterday when i was in the backyard i heard a faint crow. I...
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