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  1. omegorchards

    Midget White Turkey Hatching Eggs - 12+ - available now

    This auction is for 12+ Midget White turkey hatching eggs. Price is $100 but I offer volume discounts as well as 4H and FFA savings. The eggs are available now. This action is not a presale. My flock is laying very well and fertility is good. The pictures shown are of my actual breeding...
  2. omegorchards

    cockrel/cockbird pen

    I have decided that I want to keep my males separated from females except during breeding season. The males are really hard on the females, especially their "favorites". The favorite females end up loosing alot of feathers, even with saddles. My question: Can anyone make any suggestions...
  3. omegorchards

    Anseel/Ansil breed information

    I was wondering if anyone had good information to share on the Anseel (Ansil) breed. I am interested in getting a few for my flow. Information on the web is mixed and often conflicting. I am primarily concerned about how well they get along with others in a community flock on free range. Thanks
  4. omegorchards

    Best breed for broody hens

    Does anyone have some suggestions for a good breed(s) of chickens for me to keep to provide me with a supply of broody hens for hatching eggs? I want to avoid bantams as I plan to breed Jersey Giants and want the broody to be able to sit at least 10 eggs. Someone has suggested standard cochins...
  5. omegorchards


    I wanted to introduce myself to the forum. My name is Mike Omeg and I am a fifth generation farmer in The Dalles, OR. My family and I manage almost 400 acres of cherries here in the Columbia River Gorge. I raised chickens for 4-H as a kid and just got back into the poultry this spring. At...
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