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  1. storminstaffs

    Runner ducks - what colour?

    Are these trout? There 14 weeks old
  2. storminstaffs

    Which cuckoo maran roo to keep

    I've got a really light coloured one, and 2 darker one's backs of all 3 of the roo's one of the darker ones both darker ones lighter one next to one of the hens I'm thinking it's best to keep the lightest? Is that correct or do the others look better?
  3. storminstaffs

    my broody with her chicks

    mallory hatched out 2 of her 4 eggs, both cross breeds
  4. storminstaffs

    araucana cross

    comb is saying roo but feathers are saying pullet still, probably hatched out late feb, early march
  5. storminstaffs

    my chicks on webcam

    should be streaming for a few more hours yet, it's nearly 4 in the afternoon here so it'll be turned off when it goes to dark for the webcam http://www.ustream.tv/channel/brooder-chicks
  6. storminstaffs

    some of my chickens

    Mallory looking weird whilst stretching her neck Maysan showing me who's boss he was doing his "cock dance" giving me an evil eye aisa looking for worms Elena and Alice Alice All the girls with george my big fluffy boy you can see maysan in the background about to crow...
  7. storminstaffs

    Polish egg size?

    Do polish hen's come in large fowl? Are there eggs around the size of a production reds egg?
  8. storminstaffs

    Buff orpington bantam chick pictures

    Hatched out 8/3/11
  9. storminstaffs

    Lockdown in brinsea oct 20 advance

    It's lockdown tomorrow and it's my first incubation with this incubator so i'm just checking that i'll be doing it right, so do I take the metal egg separators out and lie the eggs on their side or can i put them into egg cartons, there buff orpington bantam eggs.
  10. storminstaffs

    Buff orps - are they roo's

    They were hatched out on halloween.
  11. storminstaffs

    Just bought a brinsea

    This one http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=190433426466&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT#ht_3178wt_907
  12. storminstaffs

    putting 5 week old chicks with a broody??

    Is it possible or will she just attack them, i've had the 2 chocolate ophs and 2 cream legbars in my bedroom since they were a day old and my silkie has been broody for a few days on non fertile eggs, so would she take chicks this old?
  13. storminstaffs

    Which is better R Com or Brinsea

    Which 20 egg incubator is better? R-COM 20 Egg Incubator With Universal Tray http://www.pandtpoultry.co.uk/product/categoryid/84/productid/1265 or Octagon 20 ECO with autoturn cradle http://www.brinsea.co.uk/products/octagon-20-eco-with-autoturn-cradle/362/
  14. storminstaffs

    what colour are my silkies

    well i know one a white
  15. storminstaffs

    Happy broody on six eggs

    How many do you think my broody silkie will be able to sit on? Here's bella on 3 barnevelder and 3 buff orpington eggs
  16. storminstaffs

    Need advice asap

    my chick piped last night (thing that what you call it anyway) and well it's done nothing since, and well its coming out the wrong end so i took a little of the shell off to help out a little and well i decided to candle to find this...
  17. storminstaffs

    my eggs **do they need throwing out?**

    is this looking okay? Only one to get veins and looks like there's something moving around inside is this a blood ring? and i take it these weren't fertile?
  18. storminstaffs

    candling olive and blue eggs

    It is possible i tried yesterday and had no luck I just can't see through, its the same with my dark egger too, i can only see through the white leghorn egg, i've tried with a led flashlight which works great with the white egg, for the others nothing, i tried using a 100w house bulb under a...
  19. storminstaffs

    candled egg on 3rd day

    is it any good, its the only one i can see through with a LED flashlight, i have 6 eggs altogether, does it look fertile or is it not developing
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