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  1. Mzyla

    ABNORMAL Air Sack

    I have few Goose eggs in Incubator - they are 17-th day today. Two looks Normal/good, but one has abnormal air Sack! Please see pictures & advice me before I toss this egg out!
  2. Mzyla

    Females Geese w/out Gender-Would they nest?

    Female Geese with out Male/Gander - Would they nest? For example like chickens nesting often, even if there is no Rooster & no fertile eggs... Please advice. Thank you!
  3. Mzyla

    Looking for Male SEBASTOPOL Goose

    Looking for Male Sabastopol Goose. Will consider a pair as well. Within 50 or so miles radius of 12789 Thank you!
  4. Mzyla

    Wild (Canadian) Baby GOOSE Story - From Eggs to Babies.

    A friend of my son gave him 4 Goose eggs that he find in a field. We live in a country with many lakes, fields, woods.... I was a bit hesistant, because never before incubated goose eggs. Well, I read everything online and put them in a old foam incubator that I have already 30 years! Watched...
  5. Mzyla

    Please IDENTIFY this ROOSTER

    One morning I noticed crowing and gigantic orange Rooster on my property. I Figured out that he crossed the street from Italian house to my house. (I knew that Italian is the only neighbor who have Roosters) Called Italian...he said, keep it if you want! Yes, I am prone to keep it, because Roo...
  6. Mzyla

    Can someone Identify this Predator Foot print please? Picture posted.

    This night, at 2:15 Am I heard dramatic scream of my chicken. She was sleeping on a tree 5 feet away from my Living Room window. (stubborn chicken, doesn't want to go to coop). I opened window, Flashed light, but not much else I could do at dark. On a morning I went searching for clues....Found...
  7. Mzyla

    PICTURES of my LGD Puppies - 6 Days Old

    Hope you can enjoy them :) 2 Girls and 1 boy are spoken for. This one is the Only GIRL feft - Available
  8. Mzyla

    Little GUARDIANS Born Yesterday!!!

    Little Livestock Guardians were born yesterday! They are Great Pyrenees X Karakachan. They are chubby and healthy. People say that they look big :) I was feeding the mom pretty well...ha ha. If I'm not seeing "double", I believe we have 10 of these little darlings. They will be available...
  9. Mzyla

    UPDATE--Did anybody experienced such a hatching disaster....

    Yesterday evening at about 8:PM I went to turn my ANCONA duck eggs in incubator and because they seem little too hot, i figured I let them cool off a bit, by leaving the cover open. I was thinking to come back and close the cover in a bout 1-2 minutes. Then daughter came to visit with grand...
  10. Mzyla

    My baby Pyr's first kill!

    Just cann't resist but to show you what just happened minutes ago.... My 3 months old baby Pyr got his first victim - a racoon! After he was done, he proudly left it to little Mimi With my goat being sick and all that worries....this was one happy and funny moment! CHASING: KILLING...
  11. Mzyla

    Indigestion in Goats - How to administer Epson Salt?

    I was reading and reading....until I found what matches the most with my goat symptoms: Indigestion It could be occur due to eating of azaleas, mangrove in flowers and fodder sprayed with insecticides. The indigestion result into loss of appetite, excrete flinty or small dropping, goat became...
  12. Mzyla

    My VARIANCE Approved!!! Town of Fallsburg, NY

    I like to share my good news: I win the Variance! My chickens are now legal! And all 15 of them! And even my goose! I went there dressed up respectfully, in a tight black dress, showing some legs…haha I thought that Council members would be some “morons” as somebody put it on here, but luckily...
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