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  1. Golden Brahma 64

    Help sexing brahmas

    I posted a thread 3 weeks ago on this but I’m still unsure... All are 12 weeks old I may have more cockerels than I thought.... 1. Blue buff columbian brahma My guess: pullet ? 2.blue buff columbian My guess cockerel 3 blue buff columbian Cockerel 4 lemon Pyle My guess: pullet ? 5...
  2. Golden Brahma 64

    The number 1 best way to get rid of those pesky foxes

    What You Need to Know About Foxes: Foxes are extremely smart. They will watch you and your habits and learn when it is the safest to make an attack on your poultry Because they are so intelligent, you are more likely to catch a raccoon or your barn cat in a live trap. While foxes do hunt at...
  3. Golden Brahma 64

    Cross bred RIR x RIR ?

    6 weeks after my RIR decided it was time to leave her Brahma chicks and now she’s broody again. I will not be ordering any hatching eggs as all the local breeders have been sold out! She’s free ranged with a cross breed RIR rooster Any ideas on what the chicks will be like ? Will they...
  4. Golden Brahma 64

    Brahma breeding plan for 2019

    after hatching my first brahmas ever this year I have become absolutely Brahma obsessed, I plan to hatch around 60 Brahma chicks next year. The Brahma types I have are Partridge, blue buff columbian and lemon Pyle. I’m planning on selling each hen for €18 and each rooster for €10. I have lots of...
  5. Golden Brahma 64

    Crazy neighbor stealing my chickens and my eggs

    about 10 years ago when I started raising chickens, I had these lunatic neaibhors move in. They’d play music all day and all night and every now and then we’d catch them peeping in through the fence at our chickens. Weird enough huh ? Well it didn’t stop there. The odd day we’d catch them...
  6. Golden Brahma 64

    Are these partridge brahmas ?

    So earlier on this year I bought 11 Brahma hatching eggs to put under my broody RIR hen. I ordered 2 lemon Pyle, 2 dark and 6 bluebuff columbian. Out of 11, nine hatched. But the two supposedly “dark brahmas” are looking like gold partridge brahmas Ones a pullet and the others a cockerel, I...
  7. Golden Brahma 64

    Lemon Pyle Brahma gender

    They’re both 10 weeks old Chick 1 I’m guessing pullet. Around the neck is white if this indicates anything? Chick 2 I’m guessing it’s a roo ? Around it’s neck is a silver, grayish colour
  8. Golden Brahma 64

    Garden UPDATE August 2018

    Patio In the patio we have exotic jungle type plants such as ‘tetrapanax Rex, gunnera manicata, giant empress tree, musa basjoo banana, musella lasiocarpa banana, trachycarpus fortuenie (windmill palm) Japanese maple, black bamboo, dwarf bamboo, yucca, calla lily,hostas, black fern, colocasia...
  9. Golden Brahma 64

    Brahma chicks 10 weeks old, gender and color

    chick 1 Guess: hen ? Color : dark ? Chick 2 Guess: roo ? Color: blue buff Columbian ? Chick 3 Guess: hen ? Color: blue buff columbian x dark Chick 4 Guess: roo Color: blue buff columbian Chick 5 Guess: Roo ? Color : lemon Pyle Chick 6 Guess : hen ? Color: lemon Pyle...
  10. Golden Brahma 64

    Quick last minute guinea keet setup

    I’m now down to 7 keets. The mother hatched out nine but brutally attacked two which have passed away over the last 24 hours. As you can see from the pictures and the title I have moved the reminding 7 keets into a brooder. The heat lamp is 2ft off the ground from the keets. It is a 100w...
  11. Golden Brahma 64

    Pet dog chasing chickens

    This is cooper, our 8 month old cocker spaniel pup. We have a reoccurring problem everyday with him chasing the chickens. He doesn’t seem to chase them with any bad intentions, it seems like it’s all play to me. But I’d be worried if he ever did do anything to the hens. Does anyone have any...
  12. Golden Brahma 64

    Imbreeding ? Ducks ?

    I had a duck hatch out 6 ducklings a couple of months ago, time went by and we sold two of the girls. I have decided to keep one of the girls but we have failed to sell our two left over drakes from the batch. If I were to keep one of the drakes, would next years offspring be deformed/ have...
  13. Golden Brahma 64

    Giant guinea and keet problem

    today was hatching day for our broody guinea She had been sitting on her nest for 28 days Despite her partner being killed by a fox only one week ago, she kept sitting. 9 keets hatched out, everything was going well, but there’s a thunderstorm coming tonight and it’s supposed to last the whole...
  14. Golden Brahma 64

    Chick & Duckling hatch 2018

    So I had a RIR hen and a khaki x Rouen duck go broody around the same time this year. Here’s a few photos that I took today. The chicks hatched 2 days ago and the ducklings hatched 2 weeks ago. The chicks are all brahama’s. Lemon Pyle, dark and blue buff columbian. The ducklings are all mix...
  15. Golden Brahma 64

    Barnyard mix breeds

    So I’ve set 3 eggs from my own flock along with 10 pure bred Brahma eggs under my broody RIR hen, the eggs are set to hatch in 2 days. Any ideas on what the young would look like ? The rooster is a RIR x Light Sussex hybrid. The hens I have are 1. Black Minorca 2. White leghorn 3. English...
  16. Golden Brahma 64

    What breed is this ? QUIZ

    what breed is this ? Have a go test yourself! Lets see how many breeds you know. :pop 1. 2. 3. 4. This is a pic of one of my own hens by the way. Just felt like a should add that in :rolleyes: 5. 6. 7. 8. 9 10. 11. This is a pic of my rooster. He’s a hybrid hen but feel free to...
  17. Golden Brahma 64

    Drake beating up duck

    so kind of weird situation. My drake (call duck) keeps beating up my other call duck yet he likes the bigger ducks and tries to mate with them. He treats my call duck as if she were another Drake but I’m 110% sure ITS NOT. I’ve tried separating and all but it doesn’t work. I guess he like the...
  18. Golden Brahma 64

    Guinea problem

    so I got two full grown guineas around Easter time (rooster and hen) I haven’t seen any eggs (I’m keeping them for breeding purposes) and I haven’t seen them mating. The male does chase the hen around with his wings standing up but the hen keeps running away from him when he does this. Any ideas ?
  19. Golden Brahma 64


    i cant do much as the egg is dry and the only evedence of it exploding is the bits of egg shell around the nest. All I want to know is if this will effect the eggs ? Is there enything I can do ? It’s day 16 today, I’ve been just leaving it to her, I haven’t checked her nest in a week so I don’t...
  20. Golden Brahma 64

    Garden 2018

    So I’ve been working on my garden for the past 2 years and I thought I’d share a few pics Here’s my patio This is a project I’m working on, this is where I keep my chickens. I call it the ‘cottage garden’ I plant various cottage style plants in this garden. I also plant me vegetables...
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