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  1. BlueBetween

    Comment by 'BlueBetween' in article 'Bluebetweens Chicken Coop'

    Thank you, Flaca Chick! (And Joan, too!) It's perfect for 4 chickens... I might put one more in there but that would be pushing it. If I wanted to put more in there, I might make it one or two more feett wider and longer.
  2. Bluebetweens Chicken Coop

    Bluebetweens Chicken Coop

    The Blue Between Chicken House After looking at all the chicken coop photos I could find, and trying to decide on what features I had to have, this is the chicken coop we came up with. We worked on this for about 8 weekends. Plus a few week nights. It took a long time. We made some...
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