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  1. Iamgrateful

    Comment by 'Iamgrateful' in article 'My First Little Hen House'

    Love this little coop - you did a great job, thanks for posting.
  2. Iamgrateful

    Comment by 'Iamgrateful' in article 'Egg Shaped Hoop Coop'

    I love this - great job on it! How much did it cost?
  3. Ex Playhouse Coop

    Ex Playhouse Coop

    This coop was originally a wooden swingset. The swingset "A-Frame" was used as the basic frame for a children's playhouse and walls/roof were added to the wooden A-Frame. Since we don't have any children, we easily converted the playhouse into a cozy chicken coop by just adding insulation (gets...
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