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  1. FarmerGirl101

    Rats, Rats Everywhere!

    Hello! So I went out tonight to feed my hens before it got pitch black (it was already dark but not too bad) and we had a visitor. I found a RAT in there! :mad: Not what I wanted to see at all. We have had encounters with mice before but now it seems like we have rats. Here are my encounters...
  2. FarmerGirl101

    How do YOU deep clean your coop?

    Hello! I created this thread to see what you guys do to deep clean your coop in preparation for winter. I will start off. I clean out the coop and vacuum it while taking out any excess poop. when done, I spray with a Permethrin 10 spray to disinfect. As I am done, I pack the nesting boxes full...
  3. FarmerGirl101

    What supplements do you feed?

    Hello! So I was wondering what supplements do you feed. I am looking at grit, calcuim, kelp, feather and laying supplements, etc. What about natural ones too? I feed them wet feed with Poultry booster, Omega 3 laying supplement, Feather Conditioner, and ACV. I do add some herbs but is too lazy...
  4. FarmerGirl101

    Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

    Hello! So I was wondering what were the benefits of ACV for chickens, I do use some with my wet feed but I don't know the benefits. Should I keep using it or is it useless? I do use it with the mother and it is organic.
  5. FarmerGirl101

    Dewormer for cats?

    Hello! We have a little issue about a cat so I will tell you about what happened. (sorry as it is a bit long) So we have a cat that doesn't have an owner (a stray) and my neighbour calls him The Guest Cat or GC for short. For the past month, he has been MIA at their house (they have the food)...
  6. FarmerGirl101

    Who is the dad?

    Okay so on August 9th, I hatched this lovely roo that I have no idea who the dad is. Recently I have also seen some strange yet colourful feathers on him. I would like to have two questions addressed: Who is the dad? and Why are these feathers this colour? Dad #1 is an americauna Ayam Cemani...
  7. FarmerGirl101

    These aren't fertile right?

    Hello! So I have been noticing this for a bit now and I just wanted to clear this up. I had seen another post about this today and I just wanted to clear this up. So the two things I need to clear up is bull's eye and some white stuff floating in the egg. The white stuff had a lot inside the...
  8. FarmerGirl101

    Fermented Feed-Is it really a superfood?

    Hello! So lately I have been seeing many posts about Fermented feed. I have heard that it cuts your feed bill by a whole lot. I am very open to this idea and I have been wondering how to do. For a long time, I fed 6 chickens 16% crumbles which would get eaten in a week and keep in mind that this...
  9. FarmerGirl101

    In need of eggs

    Hello everybody! I was wondering if anybody has Silke eggs that I can get. I might need to wait for spring but I want to see. I have been looking for this awesome breed for a long time so fingers crossed. :fl
  10. FarmerGirl101

    Help! Mite infestation!

    I have a bad red and also beige mite infestation. What can I do to help? I know that DE isn't the best for chickens. Check this out by the chicken chick: Anyway I am going to TSC this weekend and I need to find a product. Also...
  11. FarmerGirl101

    Lose air cells

    So I got MPC eggs and I let them sit in a cool dark place. For three days the air cells keep on getting looser. Why? What can I do?
  12. FarmerGirl101

    Where to buy food... In Montréal

    Hey y’all! So I need a bit of help from fellow Canadians. Do you know of a feed store near St-Mathieu de Belloeil.
  13. FarmerGirl101

    Chick not hatching

    So my little egg is not hatching and is 2 days late. The sibling just hatched yesterday. The air cell is getting so big and soon will be at half of the egg. What should I do? Should I assist?
  14. FarmerGirl101

    Fish, water, and chickens

    So my neighbour has a light blue clear waterer and it gets build up very often. They were thinking about fish in it which it is 3.5 gallons of water. Would this work?
  15. FarmerGirl101

    Not enough heat!

    Hello! So my little chick is hatching right now and I am setting up the brooder. I have a heat lamp with a red bulb that won’t get hot enough and I just changed the bulb! :he So what should I do?
  16. FarmerGirl101

    AHHHHHHH piping!

    AHHHHH! WE HAVE A PIP!!! So I have a couple questions. *cough* A lot *cough* 1) How long is it from pip to zip? 2) When should I assist? So like max pip length break till I need to help. And how long until I need to help if no progress has been made? 3) What should I use for bedding? 4)...
  17. FarmerGirl101

    I got store bought Duck eggs

    Back in May, we found out that @KikisGirls accidentally got Balut eggs and hatched them successfully. Later in June, I watched A Chick Named Albert's video about how he got some store bought quail eggs to hatch. So I went in search of "exotic" eggs. Pretty much duck, quail, etc. as here in the...
  18. FarmerGirl101

    Help! Horrible comb!

    So I have a little Serama hen that was sitting on eggs and now she has a super bad comb. Her comb is shriveled and dry with the back end purple. What should I do? I am giving her water by a syringe and putting a salve on her dry comb. She is bleeding where her comb is touching/meets the beak...
  19. FarmerGirl101

    Day 4 Naked Neck cross but what about the other one?

    I do know that my Naked Neck is day 4 by the pictures. Now the one that I am confused is the one that looks like a dark lump in the egg. I do realize since there are lots of bacterial spots in the egg. What day do you think I am about?
  20. FarmerGirl101

    Curled comb

    So my chicken is broody and her comb is all curled up like she is dehydrated. What should I do?
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