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    Fish meal alternative in homemade layer feed

    I would not recommend that, in many soy-free chicken feeds, fish meal is used as a replacement for soy. The concentration of purine that forms uric acid is very high. The commercially produced fish meal can contain high mercury and radiation levels which can affect chickens ' health and the...
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    Free Range Monsters

    Thats actually a great idea, I hope that works though... I bet they will eat those tick roaming around. but about the fence? I think around 4' to 5' will be secure enough.
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    Why do chickys run?

    :D:D:D Hey!! Congratulations on having chicks that many!! and there are more on the way? that's so nice! well... just like other "baby animals" I guess they are just extremely playful and curious, that's all.
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    Hand feeding 3 day old chick. how much how often?

    sorry about the condition of your chick, I bet you're doing everything in your knowledge to take care of her, I hope she cope on her situation soon.,
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    Are these eggs fertile?

    It's so strange that you haven't recognized your rooster yet... :D:D:D. That rarely happens. on the other hand. If they are really fertilized eggs. please don't let them go to waste.
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    New again.

    Hello!! and welcome back to the forums!! Congratulations!! cancer is not an easy thing to deal with, and im glad to hear that your husband is doing well... Welcome back.
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    Common symptoms to look for include: Decreased appetite and drinking. Lethargic, sitting around, fluffed up. 'looks sick', depressed. Shaky wings. Walks like a penguin – she will periodically stop walking and try to squat. Abdominal straining – the cloaca (vent) can be seen straining to expel...
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    Helpful hints for building coops

    Elevate a chicken coop off the ground at least 1 foot for many reasons. An elevated coop ensures air can circulate around the coop, can prevent flooding in flood-prone areas, and prevents rats and mice from nesting.
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    First attempt at mealworm farming

    Mealworms are always great for chickens, It's too hard to maintain sometimes spacially here in the Philippines, Other coops sometimes eat them 1st.
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    Identifying breed

    Honey! Such a lovely name, I bet your daughter will love her very much, your excitement is very contagious. hahaha!! I'm getting excited too.
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    1st Hatch Waiting!

    Hi!! Don't wait on it too much, it's just gonna prolong the wait, I experienced it the 1st time I incubated some eggs, It took sooo long too.
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    New Member: Trying to keep these peeps healthy!

    Hello!! and welcome to the forums, Those cuties are so happy, I know that they will strive, good luck. and welcome to the forums again.
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    Worms? Absolutely, Have you checked the way they eat? did it change? how about water? di you notice anything on the odd side? better be sure...
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    Calcium supplement for hens who don't like oyster shell

    There's actually a lot of things you can do about that, supplements are one thing, we put calcium powder in what they drink too. That seems to work as well...
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    Clematis - Chicken safe?

    I don't know about clematis, but sweet pea vines sound really good, I don't see any issue on what you're trying to accomplish, please go ahead...
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    I Saved Some Chicks Today!

    Wow! You did a great job there, Not all can do what you just did, I hope one of these days I can do the same. Congrats.. Kudos to you.
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    New to chickens

    Hello!! and welcome to the forums, Well. Those questions will surely be answered, Just stay on the forums and eventually you,ll learn everything you want..
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    Injured Rooster-possible eye injury

    A very bad eye injury indeed, You better bring him to the vet. I think he can get pass by it, but it still better to have it checked.
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    Chicken waterers

    That looks so nice and functional, I will definitely purchase that, I will get at least two. I have a lot of chickens to water.
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    Need help designing an irregular-shaped covered run

    That's one complex coop design, I bet the chickens will surely be happy in that setting. Good luck with that.!!
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