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  1. MissMarple

    Talk to me about your favorite quail!

    I've been bitten by the bug now and as my fine, feathery friends are growing up nicely, I'm already making plans for the Spring. These plans are looking like they're going to include quail. So, all you quail-lovers, tell me a few things... What are your favorite breeds and why? Hatching eggs...
  2. MissMarple

    Sapphire Gem - Leg color

    I can't find a thread anywhere that answers my question or any help from Google and everything on Google brings me back here. I don't want to hijack anyone else's thread for a completely different question/discussion so here I am. For those of you with Sapphire Gems, what colors are your...
  3. MissMarple

    Difference between Black Cuckoo Marans and French Cuckoo Marans?

    I noticed something funky looking on my only Cuckoo Marans legs one day and thought it was weird and kinda gross, honestly. I figured I should probably keep an eye on them because it just looked so gnarly. Stupid me, I didn't realize she was growing freaking feathers on her legs!! They looked SO...
  4. MissMarple

    How to beat the heat?

    I'm in Eastern Arkansas, in the Delta; land of the mosquitoes. We're in the middle of yet another heat wave. How do y'all beat the heat? My teens are outside with a fan, have access to shade, one drinker has electrolytes, the other is just plain water, I continuously change the water and try to...
  5. MissMarple

    What do you put in your nest boxes?

    We won't need them for a while but I'm wondering what material y'all use in your nest boxes. Hay? Straw? Shavings? I don't know what else... What's worked best for you and why? All opinions/options welcome!! :highfive:
  6. MissMarple

    Anybody wanna take any guesses?

    I have three of these (only have pictures of one right now as they've been super flighty and this is the first day that one has voluntarily come to me to cuddle and pet time) and they were sold as Barred Rocks. Now... I knew that they weren't from the get-go. They looked like chipmunks as baby...
  7. MissMarple

    Is there a certain age to cull?

    Cornishes? I have 2 accidental buys; one of them is my avatar. They were labeled something else but as they quickly outgrew everyone, I realized I had 2 Cornish hens/roos. I've now had to separate them from everyone else (the rest of the older flock, 10, our slightly younger and smaller flock of...
  8. MissMarple

    Chicken math prevailed!

    We started with 6 then I *had* to take the kids to the feed store with me and that brought home another 6, 2 of which are accidental meat birds (TSC and their mislabeled bins and employees that have never had anything to do with chickens) so technically just 4 since our 2 Cornishes will be...
  9. MissMarple

    To Probiotic or not to Probiotic?

    That is the question. Have a flock of 18; 12 of which are 3-4 weeks old, 6 are almost a week old. They're in separate brooders until the tiny babies are bigger and can be safely introduced to the big girls. Both sets are on medicated starter. The more I read, the more confused I get. Some...
  10. MissMarple

    Sand as Coop Litter

    Much debate about sand versus pine shavings. I'm pretty set on sand after reading about it. My questions are; for those of you who use sand as coop litter, do you prefer to have it hauled in by the truckload from your local supplier or have you found it easier/better to use bagged? And I've seen...
  11. MissMarple

    Think I'm right on the breed?

    We recently started our flock and my second round of chicks (a 6 chick minimum at the local Tractor Supply) brought home two yellow chicks that the manager wasn't sure of their breed. The older (and bigger) they're getting, the more I think they are Cornish Crosses. What say you, chicken lovers?
  12. MissMarple

    New to BYC!

    Hey y'all! I've been lurking on the forums and reading articles for weeks and finally joined now that we've gotten our first rounds of chicks! I would google questions and it would inevitably pop up an article from BYC or a forum question from BYC! I feel like this is where all my answers might...
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