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  1. Chicken Newbie07

    How I made my chicken coop FOR FREE!

    Making a #palletchickencoop is very simple! I looked for free pallets online and on apps like OfferUp, I also found pieces of wood on the side of the road while driving. Once I had enough wood, I began building my #pallethenhouse . I placed a pallet on the bottom as the floor with a piece of...
  2. Chicken Newbie07

    I amputated my chicks broken leg !

    Last year, I hatched out a chick with a broken leg. This is the story of PATITA, the one legged chick. Leave your questions below or in the comment section of the video and I’ll do my best to reply to all. Thanks for watching and I hope you consider subscribing! 😊
  3. Chicken Newbie07

    What is chicken GRIT ? How do I provide it ? Do chickens really need GRIT ? What happens if chickens don’t consume grit ?

    What is GRIT for chickens? Do chickens really need GRIT? What can happen if chickens don’t consume GRIT? Do I need to buy GRIT for my backyard chickens? All of these questions come to mind when we are starting to raise our own chickens. Whether it’s an adult hen or rooster, egg layer or not...
  4. Chicken Newbie07

    What do I feed my chickens?

    Everyone feeds their chickens differently. Some strictly feed layer pellets, some feed lots of garden & kitchens scraps along with some seed, and others even find ways to feed their flock almost for FREE! There’s is some foods that are toxic to chickens and you should not feed, but for the most...
  5. Chicken Newbie07

    Overdue chicken eggs! What do I do? Float test!

    This is what I do when my eggs go past 21 days. This float test can help you figure out if the eggs are still viable. Watch this video to see how to perform a float test...
  6. Chicken Newbie07

    Why didn’t these eggs hatch ?

    Hatching eggs in the incubator can be tricky, especially when your incubator does not have an automatic egg turner. Temperature and humidity also play a big role in successfully hatching eggs. Watch this video so you don’t make the same mistakes I’ve made in the past & that way you can have a...
  7. Chicken Newbie07

    Crossed beak | Scissor beak | Crooked beak

    How to care for a crossed beak chick?
  8. Chicken Newbie07

    Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits for Chickens!

    APPLE CIDER VINEGAR: Chicken’s natural medicine ! Watch this video to learn how apple cider vinegar helps you keep your flock happy and healthy !
  9. Chicken Newbie07

    How will my broody hen act before the big hatch?

    So I have a hen that has gone broody and has done a fantastic job at it. Today is the 21st day, and being relatively new to chickens, you can imagine my excitement and anticipation. I went in there and lifted her a bit to see it there was any signs of cracks or even chicks, but I see nothing. I...
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