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  1. rachelsflock

    Rachelsflock's Flock Journal

    Hello world! I'm going to do a flock journal for my new flock. My family moved in February to a suburb of Nashua, or Boston if you prefer, in Massachusetts on six-ish acres. I chose to re-home and sell my last flock, so this spring has been one of setting up and getting a fresh start. My coop...
  2. rachelsflock

    McMurray's Easter Eggers/Australorps/BR

    Hi out there! Can someone tell me about SPECIFICALLY McMurray's Easter Eggers? (The "Ameraucanas") I'm looking at getting a batch of them because they supposedly only lay blues and I've had good luck with EE in the past temperament-wise. How do they lay? My mother has some, and and she reports...
  3. rachelsflock

    Frozen Eggs and Egg Eating

    Hi out there. I'm having way sub-freezing temps out here and frequently my eggs freeze and bust before I get out there and all my birds are just living in the coop during the day with the door open. I'm afraid the busting eggs are teaching my hens to eat eggs! I've already culled one older, non...
  4. rachelsflock

    Sussex For Meat/Eggs

    Hi out there. Does anyone know about Sussex chickens as far as meat production goes? I've got both the Coronation and Speckled variety breeders with eggs available near to me at this time. I like the SS color-wise the best, but purpose needs to come first. I currently raise Marans for meat/eggs...
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