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    Integrating Chickens! Please Help!

    In my experience hens just need a little bit of time and space and they should be fine in a week. If you have a chance you can put them in the same space and separate them with a wire mesh so they can get to know each other. Leave them like this for two days and put them all together...
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    Feeding chickens with salmon remains

    Hi, I started to give them some salmon but when I was observing how they eat it I found out that some of the chicken get big chunks and run away and some don't get any. After that I just started to cook fish with potatoes (ratio fish 1:2 potatoes) and I mashed the mixture and added alittle bit...
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    Feeding chickens with salmon remains

    Hello everybody! I work as a chef in a small restaurant in which we are also serving some salmon dishes. We cut our own fish that comes fresh from Norway and we don't use some pieces (tail, head, fins, bones and meat arond them etc.). The fish is very fresh and high quality becouse it is also...
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    Greetings from Slovenia

    Thank you for warm welcome everyone! As @Perris requested I took some pictures of my chickens. If somebody wants I'll gladly post some more on weekend when I have more time :)
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    Greetings from Slovenia

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? When I was a kid I was helping my grandfather on his farm. He had a couple of cows and 6-10 hens for egg laying. In recent years he got too old to take care of the farm and me and my family jumped in and kinda took over his small...
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    Extra roosters

    Two years ago I bought my first flock of chickens (13 of them). I didn't have any experience and they were too young to see their sex (from my amateur point of view I guess) and the guy selling them just said that there are 12 hens and 1 rooster. I ended up with 6 roosters and 7 hens. Since they...
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    Mama and babies

    Sounds like you have more than enough space then :) Good luck :)
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    Mama and babies

    I currently have 39 beaks and they share around 500 square feet of a barn and around 0.5 acre of free range outside space. Hens went broody and hatched chicks in a barn and they did not have any problems so far (I assume because of the ammount of space available). How big is your coop? So far I...
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    Moving mother hen with chicks

    Hello everybody! This is my first post on the site and also my first question: I am planning to buy a mother hen with already hatched chicks, the problem is that I don't know how they will react to their transport. I am not so concerned about keeping the chicks warm - they should stay warm with...
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