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    How many chickens.............

    We have 24 - 6 are babies and 3 are not quite ready to lay. Half the others are molting. I’m getting about 6-10 eggs a day. I give them to the local police Dept and the fire Dept. Since the pandemic, I also take some to work. And we still have enough for the 7 of us.
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    Buy? Or Build? Heeeeellllllppppp!!

    We have 2 prefab combined so it’s supposed to be good for 6-10 birds. It’s our “baby” coop and I have 6 in there that aren’t quite big enough to move to the big coop - and it’s too small for the babies. I’m hoping to move them out in the next couple of weeks - then the “baby” coop reverts to the...
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    My hens won't eat anything other than regular feed

    I feed mine mealworms, pears, apples, tomatoes, grapes, dog food (special treat), leftovers, watermelon - took 2 tries before they liked it, avocado. My girls will eat almost anything. I just make sure it’s in moderation. :)
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    Comment by 'bmurphy349' in article 'Top 10 Chicken Predators'

    But my neighbor’s 2 dogs attacked my girls, killing one. Some dogs can be a problem. :) our 3 are not.
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    How Many PET Chickens Are In Your Flock?

    Leg charms ???
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    How Many PET Chickens Are In Your Flock?

    My daughter started us with 8. And then she ate some. 😧 So I got more. My goal is to have 20 but when I get close, I lose one or two. Currently we have 18 that includes 3 babies that just went into the big coop. Most of them are named. :)
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    Heart breaking day on the farm...

    When my neighbors dogs came and killed one of mine, I told them if the dogs ever come back, I’ll shoot them. Protecting my property... dogs have been contained since then.
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    Official BYC Poll - Excess eggs, what do you do with them?

    I give them to the fire station and police Dept near the house. With the pandemic, I’ve been taking them to work too. Just ask for cartons in return. :)
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    Oh crap, what have I done ...

    We’ve had our birds for almost 2 years. Started with about 16 chickens and 4 Cornish game hens. The Cornish game hens are gone - lost 2 to the Ga heat and my daughters family ate 2. They ate a couple of hens. 😳. We’ve lost one hen to the neighbors dog. Took the 3 grand babies shopping for one...
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    Why do I beat myself up about butchering a few cockerels.

    Not a weirdo. My daughter ate some of our birds when we first got them. I tried it but would rather save the girls and buy chicken from the store. Lol.
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    Cinnamon Oatmeal

    My girls are all over 6mos to a year and free range as much as I can let them.
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    Cinnamon Oatmeal

    I was filling in at work and had access to free treats for all the girls. They also get crumble, scratch and the free range. AND the granddaughters have discovered the joy of feeding them worms. Lol
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    Cinnamon Oatmeal

    I’ve fed the girls plain oatmeal. I’ve fed the girls plain grits. Can I feed them cinnamon oatmeal and cheese grits??
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    Are little eggs normal first few weeks or forever?

    I’m so glad someone else doesn’t know the kind of chickens they have. I know my leghorns, would like more of my “furry face” girl. We have 18 (chicken math??) and after the first couple of little bitty eggs, most of the girls lay lg or xlg eggs. And 6 are new layers. And they lay in the...
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    I find this site extremely helpful as a newbie to the girls. Most of the members are very helpful and nice. Very seldom do I come across one that is snarky or mean, but direct doesn’t have to be rude. Better to advise the the girls need x sq ft each to be happy and happy girls mean lots of eggs...
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    Wood vs. plastic for nest boxes?

    We have both wooden nesting boxes and plastic buckets. The girls prefer the buckets and won’t lay eggs in the wooden nesting boxes. They will also move the straw around and create nests, or sneak over to the baby chick coop and lay there. They really don’t care for the wood... :)
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