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    Sick and full crop PLEASE HELP

    Please I need to help my turkey he has a full crop and we just woke up. He like keeps swallowing and fluffing his feathers and hunching over. I don't know what to do please help
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    My turkey is acting sick PLEASE HELP

    I just woke up and my turkey is acting completely different He went poop which is normal but he's all hunched over and he keeps like swallowing? And his crop feels full idk what to do. I don't want him to die
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    Can turkeys get scaly leg mites?

    Hi I just learned about scaly leg mites because my turkey had a small injury and one of his leg scales came off and was bright pink underneath I washed it off and put Neosporin on it just in case. But when I was looking at his legs they have black under some of his scales and I was wondering if...
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    My turkey suddenly has a very swollen eye

    I've had a problem with this a few months ago and it wasn't from a physical injury to his eye I believe I treated it with baytrill and it cleared up Yesterday he had a stressful day and I believe he might've injured/bruised his eye Can bruising cause lots of swelling around his eye? I'm really...
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    Turkey only slightly improved with baytril treatment

    Hi I treated my pet turkey with baytril 10% for 5 days because his eye was swollen, had bubbles and a gross smell. He improved a little his eye is less swollen and I can see his top eyelid while I couldn't before because it was covered by the swelling and his eye isn't watery anymore and I'm not...
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    Turkey going to be sleeping outside for the first time. Worried about bugs

    My pet turkey usually sleeps in the house with me and then does whatever during the day (goes outside ect..) I'm gonna be moving him into a temporary coop setup outside cause I'mma be away for less than a week I'm worried about him being outside all day and night for a few days and around...
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    Can i give my turkey "Amtyl" for his swollen eye?

    Hello My turkey has some problems with his eye and I was wondering if this "broad spectrum antibiotic" would help treat it? It's called Amtyl His eye is kinda swollen and a little red, has a smelly watery discharge coming only from his eye and sometimes has bubbles in the corner of his eye...
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    Red and sore, slightly swollen, bubbly smelly discharge eye (HELP)

    Hello! I joined BYC almost 2 hours ago I have a pet turkey who I believe is a male. He has a swollen eye and it's oddly shaped compared to his other eye which seems normal. Throughout the day I will notice bubbles in the corner of his eye and his eyes are very watery, the discharge coming from...
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    New to byc

    Hi I'm new to this website and I have a turkey, he's scared of the dark and I'm trying to get him to sleep without a light on but he freaks out!
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