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    What treatment is needed?

    Went out to check on girls earlier and found this terrible pile! What is everyone’s thought on the best treatment?!
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    Help! Can’t figure out what’s wrong with my girl

    So recently I’ve had a few friends with chickens have some get sick and lethargic and then eventually die.. now I have one that’s showing same symptoms she started with respiratory symptoms but now is dropping her tail, has greenish poop with some white stuff sticking to her feathers. Very...
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    Coccidia possible?

    So where I live it’s recently been raining all the time and we have had such wet conditions. Well I e had a few chickens die out of the blue. Showed no signs then all a sudden weak lethargic then dead. Had one of my turkeys seem fine and then got really weak and then had seizures and died in my...
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    New member post

    New to this page! Come here for a lot of advice and y’all are great help! I’ve had chickens for about two years and just got into turkeys! I have grown so fond of the turkeys! I look forward to being able to post on here for help!
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