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    Severe eye infection (goose)

    I just recently noticed my 3-year-old brown chinese goose has quite the bad eye infection, to the point I thought the eye was gone. I've been watching him for while but it just spiralled out of control very suddenly. His eye is swollen, obviously irrigating him, and at this point it looks like...
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    Very sick hen

    I've posted about this chicken, in particular, a lot, but I still haven't found any answers. I'm going to list her symptoms and what I've done for her to see if anyone else has any clues. -thin -lethargic -very weak, she struggles to pick up pieces of corn -she cant swallow/struggles, shes not...
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    I've had a sick bird for well over a week now, with absolutely no improvements. She lethargic, thin, she eats but doesn't drink much, she gasps every time she eats and shakes her head sometimes too. I first thought it was a worm burden, so I dewormed my flock. That didn't do anything. So I gave...
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    Please help

    I've been watching a few of my girls for a few days now, and I dewormed them last night, so I stayed in the coop with them to make sure they all drank. Everyone drank fine, except one. She kept eating, and gasping every few seconds, almost like it was hard to eat. I noticed the other day that...
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    I'm kind of in a bind at the moment. I know my girls have worms, and at the moment I'm literally watching them worse by the day, I'm anxiously waiting to be paid so I can get them dewormer. The question is, I have dewormer, safeguard, but its 5 months expired. Should I take the risk and give it...
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    Lame hen

    Just recently I noticed one of my girls was falling asleep, shes pretty lethargic but still has an appetite, I know shes picked on so I keep a close eye on her, I'm not sure what her droppings are like yet either. I also noticed, after id picked her up and had her in my lap she was still falling...
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