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    What are likely egg colors for F1 olive egger X blue egg easter egger?

    Question is in title. I have an F1 Olive egger rooster (cream legbar x copper maran). I have several mixed breed Easter eggers who lay light blue-green eggs as well as some brown egg layers. What would likely egg colors be for their offspring?
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    My brother bought this as a chick with 5 golden comets... was told its also a comet, but it doesn't appear to be a male or female comet. Thoughts??
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    Who could have laid this egg??

    This is a first egg today a pullet!! Its unlike any other color we have gotten. I have no idea who it could be from...the choices are: golden and blr wyandotte (usually those are light brown), barred rock (also light brown), easter egger (maybe?), a crested legbar mix (her sister for sure lays a...
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    Question about Blue Copper Marans crosses and sexlinks

    I've heard you can easily sex offspring of marans with white this true, and would it hold true with crosses? Both my roosters are Blue Copper Marans. Hens are various breeds including: bc marans, easter eggers (yeah, I know that's not a breed), barred rocks, wyandottes, legbar mixes...
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    Pretty pullets with little hats and muffs...any breed ideas?

    We got these girls from a local farm, so no idea on breed (mix I'm guessing) or egg color. I don't think they are laying yet but I'm not 100% sure as I don't know what to look for. What do you think? Thank you!!
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    4.5 month production red rooster agressive toward daughter and me

    He's fine around my son and husband. I have never acted skittish around him, but he will charge at my 13 year old daughter and me. She is totally scared of him now, and I'm on my guard ready to charge back. Is it worth trying to change him, or give him away as a pet or meal?
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    Supposed to be a pullet (golden comet)

    She/he is 3 months old and the tail is a little different than thec3 sisters we have. Combs are similar. Yes I know they are sex linked, but ?? Thank you!
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    Hen lays a soft egg every day?!

    I have a two-year old black Easter egger hen who seems otherwise healthy and lays a soft-shelled egg almost every day. Usually by the time we get to the coop hers is crushed by another hen in the laying box (since they all seem to use a favorite box, which changes daily!). Their layer pellet is...
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    Treated with Zimectrin Gold - how long until we can eat eggs?

    Hello. We found live tapeworms in the poop of at least one of our 8 hens. We treated all 8 with Zimectrin Gold (pea-sized), then waited 10 days and treated a second time. It has been two weeks since the second treatment. I am wondering when it is safe to eat the eggs. I am concerned about my...
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    Chickens have worms - eggs ok to eat prior to treatment?

    Hi! One or more of our eight hens have worms as we found the little white (tapeworms, I believe) in some poo. We treated them today, but have a couple dozen eggs we have collected over the last week or so that they laid before we knew of the worms. We are not going to eat the eggs for several...
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