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    Respiratory infection or something else??

    Last night (about 9 pm) when locking up my birds I noticed one Hen (golden comet) was laboring to breathe and had a little bit of a rattle. She had no discharge from her eyes or nose, no swelling anywhere, her wattles and combs looked nice and red. She coughed one good time and the rattle...
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    Chicken attacked 3 days ago is now yawning, is this normal?!

    My red star was found laying in the grass at 3 am, 3 days ago, missing an eye and with a pretty bad gash under her wing. She's about 2-3 years old and is doing okay: eating, drinking, pooping, even laying eggs. Just tonight I noticed she appeared to be yawning every 10 seconds or so. I know...
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    Hey y'all!

    Hi everyone! I'm Rachel from Greene County NY. I got into chickens by chance one day when a friend called and asked if I wanted a rooster from a barn near her house. She said they were trying to starve him out and didn't want him anymore. Of course I said yes... I'm a sucker for a critter in...
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