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    Question about baby chicken food

    I agree with @CluckNDoodle. I feed mine flock raiser by Purina with oyster shell on the side (though they don't need oyster shells when they're not laying). Brands like All Flock and unmedicated chick feed will work too. The "adult" food, layer feed is meant for hens currently laying. So, since...
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    The Largest Egg - Contest!

    What breed? Those are some pretty big eggs!
  3. LikeTurkeys

    Just purchased 7 baby chicks

    Okay, sounds like they're not cold. I think they'll be just fine.
  4. LikeTurkeys

    March Hatch-a-long, or St. Patty's day hatch

    Good luck with your hatch! I think I'm done hatching for this year, I have too many chickens already (20 right now, compared to just 4 a few months ago). I think I'm in danger of becoming a true hatch-a-holic. :oops:
  5. LikeTurkeys

    Double Yolker!?

    Congrats! Let us know when you crack it open.
  6. LikeTurkeys

    The Largest Egg - Contest!

    Awesome! :thumbsup Come on guys, keep those huge eggs coming!
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    Just purchased 7 baby chicks

    Congratulations! I am not sure why, maybe try pushing one under slightly so that they can feel the warmth? If they are not chirping, I wouldn't worry about it. Just keep watching their butts for stuck poo, and wash it off if you see anything. I hope you enjoy your new chicks!
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    Somebody stop me!!!

    Sorry for the poor development. With my last batch of eggs, I candled every single day. Yes, I know that was probably overkill, but all the ones that made it past day 3 hatched! So I don't think you have to worry about anything. Also, I've heard that you only have to worry about an egg blowing...
  9. LikeTurkeys

    Reject Hatching Eggs - aka "The Undesirable Egg Experiment"

    Yes, I thinks so too. I think Sticky probably has the largest chance of succeeding. I really do hope Crackles hatches! Will you name the chick Crackles if it does?
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    How old are these chicks

    This is a chick of mine that's around a week old. Notice how he has only the wing feathers coming in and is still mostly down.
  11. LikeTurkeys

    How old are these chicks

    I would say that they are more than a week. Possibly around 3 or 3.5 weeks in my opinion.
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    Reject Hatching Eggs - aka "The Undesirable Egg Experiment"

    Awesome! I hadn't thought of setting 'undesirable eggs' before, but maybe now I will! Those are some great pictures! Have you cracked open Lumpy and seen what was inside?
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    Hen or Roo

    Agreed with above. Chicken is it! @Ridgerunner shared a great way of cooking cockerels on a different thread. I cooked him this way and it turned out great!
  14. LikeTurkeys

    How do you properly necropsy a dead chicken?

    Okay, I've just finished watching the video you both posted. It has a lot of information, thanks! @Eggcessive, I watched yours there were some odd points where it would freeze and then start back up? Anyway, I missed some info but I'm sure I can find it elsewhere. Now I have to work through the...
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    Head shut in the door.

    So sorry for your hen! I'm glad she seems to be recovering well. I would follow the advice of @cavemanrich, and cover it somehow just in case the others see it and pecking begins. This is important, chickens are not like sharks!
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    I'm So Sorry Everyone........

    It's a wonderful community of people here. I don't think you had to worry about it.
  17. LikeTurkeys

    I'm So Sorry Everyone........

    I forgive you too! Though, I'm not sure for what other than making multiple accounts. I'm sorry for your loss of chicks, I hope your current ones do better! May God bless you and keep up your walk with Christ.
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    Yeah, I suppose. I don't think the breeds they have are worth it though. I mean, sure, they have White Leghorns and RIR but what are the rest? I can't even tell what they are 'a mix of heritage breeds' is not much to go by. So, they're cheap, but since I'm in Southern California and they're in...
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    Should i keep incubating these eggs?

    It depends. If there are males, (which could very well be in a situation like this) then you have a chance. I would continue incubating and candle at day 7 or so. Let us know if they hatch!
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    Review by 'LikeTurkeys' in article 'How to treat sour crop and impacted crop and how to know which one you're dealing with'

    Thanks for this. It was very helpful and I tried helping my hen who had sour crop with miconazole. But she had a reproductive issue and died anyway. It's still something to keep in mind. Also I had a turkey who had problems with pendulous crop. She wore a crop bra for a while, but it never...
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