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  1. 3-Tier Quail Cage

    3-Tier Quail Cage

    We need more space for our growing covey of coturnix quail, which we raise for meat, eggs and pure enjoyment. Currently we have a single outdoor cage that is 8'x3', which I built to be a movable cage - yea... not so movable.:he Now, with winter coming in just a few months I want to move the...
  2. Home of the Ducks

    Home of the Ducks

    We decided to get ducks this year. Really, I decided and DW went along with it somewhat unwillingly at first. I have been interested in ducks since we got chickens last Spring. We now have 8 chickens, 4 turkeys, 5 ducks, and a whole covey of quail (15 adults, 26 chicks and 40 eggs in the...
  3. Treating Bumblefoot - A Simple Surgical Approach

    Treating Bumblefoot - A Simple Surgical Approach

    Our beloved Gold Laced Wyandotte hen, Goldie, was limping around the other day. My wife picked her up, and I immediately noticed Goldie's right foot was very swollen. It was a clear sign of bumblefoot. Our flock is only a bit over a year old, and we haven't ran into many health problems. We...
  4. My Composting Adventure

    My Composting Adventure

    Last year we fenced in our garden and built some raised beds. Our soil is very dense and contains a lot of clay. If I dig down just 12 inches, I hit solid clay. Past the solid clay is a mixture of sand, rocks and clay - I've dug down 4-5ft when installing a backyard pond so I've had a good look...
  5. BReeder!

    Fermented Feed - How we do it - The 4 Container Method

    We have 7 hens. They LOVE our fermented feed. There's never left overs. We offer dry feed as well in case their appetites are not satisfied, but they target the fermented feed first. We have just begun raising quail and will start giving them fermented feed too. We honestly stopped fermenting...
  6. How I Started Raising Birds and My New Coop

    How I Started Raising Birds and My New Coop

    I grew up in the city of Chicago - truly in the city, not the suburbs and claiming I was from Chicago (that's a bit of a Chicagoan thing). Chicago's laws are very lenient on livestock and poultry - there's not much in Chicago's municipal code regarding livestock and poultry. However, having...
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