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  1. Hedwig Chicken

    Angery or depressed hen?

    I have this 14 month old cream legbar hen. She is rather small for her breed and used to be very friendly. In the middle of July, she decided to go broody, so I had to unbroody her. A bit later, she started molting and being grumpy. She hasn't layed an egg since July 12. Now four months after...
  2. Hedwig Chicken

    When do seramas stop growing?

    Cluck cluck cluck, When do seramas stop growing and when do they start laying eggs? Just a curious question. Thank you :wee
  3. Hedwig Chicken

    My chick squatted?

    I’ve had many chicks before but has one ever squatted at 40 days old? And it was a quite obvious submissive squat. She was born April 17th with 3 other siblings. She is the smallest and barely has any feathers on her especially compared to her siblings. Has anyone else ever had a squatting...
  4. Hedwig Chicken

    Serama egg questions

    Hello BackYard Chicken keepers, I have a few question about seramas and was hoping that some of you might be able to answer them: 1. How long do the eggs take to hatch? 2. Can you hatch them with bigger eggs? 3. Can they be hatched under a bigger hen (specifically a Wyandotte cross)? 4...
  5. Hedwig Chicken

    Hen stopped laying

    So one of my hens stopped laying at 98 weeks of age. I have 15 hens and all of them are laying (except the one who is molting and the broody one). She had stopped laying in November while she was molting and started back in February. She eats, drinks and is still active in her flock life...
  6. Hedwig Chicken

    Chick has something stuck on its vent

    So this little chick of mine, seems to have ? part of the yolk sac ? dried up to his butt. He was hatched under a broody hen but he had trouble standing, so I brought him in to fix his spraddle legs. Then I saw that his butt was clogged, so I dipped him in hot water and tried to remove the...
  7. Hedwig Chicken

    What breed are these chickos

    Hello fellow chicken keepers, my friend recently got a rescue flock of older birds, We are trying to identify what breed they are, but we're no experts in chicken breeds... I was wondering if any of you might be able to help to identify their breed or which breeds they are a mixture of :) Hen...
  8. Hedwig Chicken

    Help, my wyandotte just died

    My hen Mistletoe (8 months old) just died this morning. She was perfectly fine yesterday. Her egg laying was perfectly normal. This morning she was eating and drinking. But around 9:30 am, she started just laying down on the ground panting. She died around 9:55 am. She didn't seem to have...
  9. Hedwig Chicken

    5 more chicks to sex

    Seven weeks is still considered chick right? 1: 2: 3: 4: 5:
  10. Hedwig Chicken

    What breed and gender?

    I have two of these 'lil chickies (7wks) and I need help identifying them. Summer: And Elsa: My guess is that they are easter eggers/ameraucanas?
  11. Hedwig Chicken

    Pullets or Cockerels

    I hatched these chicks 3 months ago, December 30th. No one has crowed yet. They were raised by a broody. 1st born 4th born 5th born 6th born So who are the boys and who are the girls?
  12. Hedwig Chicken

    Yellow diarrhea and lethargic

    My hen Becky, 11 months old, has been standing around in the corner of the coop doing nothing with her feathers puffed. She pooped yellow diarrhea and she doesn't want to eat a lot. I brought her inside the house. I am not sure what she has, some help would be appreciated.
  13. Hedwig Chicken

    Chicken Babysits Broody's Nest

    So I have a broody (Ginny) sitting on 8 fertilized eggs. So anytime she gets off her Nest, Nugget , who isn't broody, comes and sits on that Nest, even if she has previously laid an egg that day. This doesn't really bother me, au contraire, I think it is very sweet. Just wandering if anyone...
  14. Hedwig Chicken

    Broody hen missing an egg *solved*

    THERE IS 70% CHANCES MY LITTLE SISTER STOLE IT! But if not.... So we have a broody hen. She has bee sitting on 10 fertilized eggs for 2 weeks now. As I was candling them today on day 14, I realized egg #10 was missing (since we numbered and marked them). I cleaned out the coop, looked under...
  15. Hedwig Chicken

    Quail Bully

    So I have three quails: Kiwi, June and Tish. One of them, June, keeps on pecking at the others. Both Tish and Kiwi lay eggs. Not June. They do not seem to have any physical injuries. Any ideas to what's going on?
  16. Hedwig Chicken

    Lump Behind Chicken's Eye

    Hello chicken lovers, This morning as I was hanging out with my chickens, I realized Hedwig had a little lump near her right eye. It doesn't seem to bother her much. She had stopped laying three days prior to its appearing. We applied dabs of tea tree oil to try to reduce any infections. Does...
  17. Hedwig Chicken

    Chicken Music Video

    This might sound odd but, I did a chicken music video using "Belle" from the new Beauty and the Beast live action-film. If you have attempted chicken music videos or any other genres of live-action chicken movies, please share, I would like to see! :thumbsup Feel free to comment and ask...
  18. Hedwig Chicken

    Finally joined!

    Hello fellow chicken lovers, I am a newly joined (but not new to this site) chicken lover... person thing. I had got fertilized eggs back in march and put them in a homemade incubator. It was my first time having any type of birds. 7 cute chicks hatched (6 roosters and 1 hen). I got two more...
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