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  1. paulscsxchicks

    Breed? gender? age?

    My daughter and I just picked up 3 “hens” from Craigslist for $10 each the woman had a ton of birds to pick from so she gathered 3 that she liked. Nom of them have laid yet and it’s been a week or so. Can anyone tell me what they think in genders age and breeds?
  2. paulscsxchicks

    Help with this little duckling about a month old

    Anyone with experience with hurt ducklings plz help I have 13 beloved pet ducklings and one got attack by an animal last night
  3. paulscsxchicks

    Baby naked neck will it survive

    Have a little one hear just hatched peeping up a storm fully obsorbed yolk but he's not walking
  4. paulscsxchicks

    Join me on incubating 15 pekins and 18 chickens

    I'm incubating these eggs started 12 days ago with the ducks and first day with chickens
  5. paulscsxchicks

    2 broody Peking ducks will they hatch?

    I have a total of 5 Peking ducks 3 drakes and 2 hens I have been getting eggs regularly since March then all of a sudden they stopped!! Yesterday mowing the lawn I looked into the brush and there I seen a hen thinking that she is injured or dead I walk in to see and she gets up and behold she is...
  6. paulscsxchicks

    Help with these little barred rocks Sex opinions

    I have 3 barred rock chicks just hoping for a hen or two please let me know what you think?
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