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  1. rwilliams296

    Abnormal behavior

    I have a very lovely black hen who is about 9 months old. I hatched her in an incubator along with others. She was an active and normal chick. I integrated her and her fellow hatchlings into my existing flock with no problems. I noticed though that she didn't scratch like the others, she...
  2. rwilliams296

    Young turkey not thriving

    I have 2 Royal Palm turkey poults. They are 4 months old now. A month ago I thought I had 2 toms. Not so sure now. The one that I am sure is a tom is thriving and doing well. Strutting and looking great. The other came down sick about 10 days ago. Yellow droppings, pale and lethargic...
  3. rwilliams296

    Hen abandoning nest

    Out of my flock of 12, I have one hen that goes broody. Her first brood was in March of 2017. She hatched 5 chicks...all roos. Her second brood occured in July 2018. 5 eggs, I think. We live in TX! Hot as hell in July! She was suffering and abandoned her nest after hatching only 2 eggs...
  4. rwilliams296

    Brooding poults with chicks

    I incubated and hatched my first chicks a few weeks ago from my 6 hens and rooster . They are doing great! Hubby and I decided we'd like to add a few Royal Palm turkeys to our poultry family so we purchased 3 that were 2 days old. Seller assured us that they were eating and drinking water...
  5. rwilliams296

    Cold snap for new goat owner

    Hello. I am new to caring for and owning goats. Last month I took in 2 Nigerian Dwarf goats. A 2 year old female and a 5 month old buckling. I live in East Central TX and the weather has been wet but temps haven't been too low lately. We are expecting a cold snap in the next few days with...
  6. rwilliams296

    Young laying hens

    I purchased 4 new hens ( 4 to 5 months old at the time ) about one month ago. Integration with my existing flock and rooster went pretty well. They are all free ranging during the day. No matter where they are out in the yard my older hens instinctively go to the coop when the urge to lay...
  7. rwilliams296


    This morning I noticed my rooster making some strange noises. It first sounds like he is trying to clear his throat followed by a hiccup. His crows this morning were pretty normal, a little hoarse.. but we did have a pretty cold night last night. In the upper 20's. He doesn't appear...
  8. rwilliams296

    Blue Isbar?

    I have been interested in identifying my rooster's breed for a few months now. I think I have it pretty much nailed down to a Blue Isbar. My roo, Sarge in first pic..2nd pic is what I found on the internet. Would love some feedback!
  9. rwilliams296

    New chicks!

    I have been stressing over my Plymouth Rock's brooding habits for weeks now. Was expecting her initial 2 eggs to hatch on this Saturday, March 10th. Her nest , last I checked, had 5 eggs ..she hasn't been eating or drinking enough in my opinion. It was quiet, just she and I. Just knew I heard...
  10. rwilliams296

    Sitting hen

    I am new to chicken reproduction. I have a Plymouth Rock that has been sitting for 2 + weeks. We were able to determine during the first few days she was sitting on only 2 eggs. One of hers, one from another hen. She is really protective so when she made a brief exit from her nest yesterday...
  11. rwilliams296

    Newbie here:)

    Have been referring to this website for a few months and decided I needed to join! My husband and I are both from Texas, born and bred. I am able to work from home so when he retired we decided it was time to get back to our roots, leave the madness of Harris County and move to the country. In...
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